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Motivation Beyond the Money

There’s this idea of sunk costs as a motivator. The thousands of treadmills and stationary bikes in closets and on Craig’s List testify that spending money on something doesn’t equate to long-term motivation. So why the hell did I just spend $1,499.00 (US) on a bicycle? Simply, because I am already motivated. I just need to find the right exercise.

I tried walking. That’s cheap exercise and you know I’m cheap. You’d think that would be a done deal, but I have this lower back that hates me. So now I just have a $60 pair of cool, red walking shoes. I’m motivated beyond the sunk cost of the bike. If the road infrastructure was better in my area, I’d gladly commute to work on a bike. I’ve even tried finding some halfway points where I can park, then ride, somewhere closer to work where the roads are more bike-friendly. Half a commute is better than none, I guess. But that’s in the future. The bike will be here late this week. I’m psyched to try something new, healthy, and fun.

So, you say being bent over a bicycle is going to be bad on my back, too. You’re being awful negative, but let’s take a look at what I got and why.

What did I buy? After lots of research and many Youtube reviews, many from Electric Bike Reviews, I settled on the City Cruiser from Rad Power Bikes. I even emailed Rad Power with some questions before settling on the 16″ frame instead of the 20″ that I first thought was the one I needed. They were extremely helpful and prompt in responding to my inquiries.

$1,499 is a lot to plunk down on a bike, but this is an e-bike. It has an electric motor, pedal assists, and throttle mode, too. “Well,” you say, “that’s not exercise,” but it is. It provides a level of confidence that if I over do it, I’ll have the ability to return to home base. I won’t be stranded 10 kms from home with aching legs. I also selected a cruiser-style which puts the rider in a much more upright position than a racing or mountain bike. It also provides an activity other than hiking that I can enjoy while we are camping.

You can find e-bikes as cheap as $579, but from what I read, they are cheap in every meaning of the word. Considering a decent 48-volt Li-ion battery costs $499, there can’t be much bike in those $579 models. I was looking for something that had both pedal assist and a throttle. Not all e-bikes have both, so you have to know the jargon and shop around. The Rad Power models had the features and a price that didn’t quite break the bank. The City Cruiser comes complete with fenders and a back rack, both necessities if I ever try to commute. I’m not going to be a spandex-clad speedster. I plan on doing this in plain clothes, possibly a tie. If you see Lycra, that’s not me.

The cost is now sunk, so this workout better work out. My goals are to get some decent cardio, drop 10 kilos (22 lbs), and bring the circulation back to my legs. I’m not going to let diabetes kick my ass. I’m perfectly capabile of kicking my own ass. Allons-y!

Keep chasing the odd, little happy and share the road.


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