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Screaming Into the Tweetosphere

This is twice now President has blindly parroted a web site. First, he says he saw the story about “what happened in Sweden Friday” on Fox News. He didn’t, but let’s go with that excuse. Now, he’s tweeted a totally baseless Breitbart story about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. I’m not sure he understands what it means to be President of the United States. If the President makes an accusation like this, it warrants a special investigation. That will cost millions of dollars. The man who promised to cut the Federal budget, blindly blathers on about election fraud and wire tapping, inviting a multi-million dollar investigation.

So what is he up to? What’s going on inside the hamster wheel he calls a brain? Here are the possibilities.

  1. He has no clue what the office of the President is and has no idea how to execute his duties. He doesn’t understand restraint and measured words to keep the government sound and not waste money and manpower.
  2. He does understand the power of his position and he’s doing these things maliciously. That is the sign of a maniac or some other mental illness. Normal people don’t try to throw the country into a panic for nothing.
  3. He’s trying to detract from other news stories. This could be a subplot to any other reason, but it seems anytime Russia’s ties to this administration start creeping onto the front page, another outlandish tweet is fired from the President’s unsecured phone.
  4. He’s just round-the-barn-and-up-the-tree insane. If this is the case, he believes his own fabrications and alt-right news sites. His tweets are just that of a conspiracy nut parroting the stories that support his confirmation bias.
  5. What he is tweeting is true. This seems unlikely since most of his statements, when researched, are proven false.

None of these are preferable options. If these things are true, it is best to use the Presidency to structure an investigation, not fire blindly into the tweetosphere. If he’s insane, he needs to be removed from office before he damages the country further. If he’s distracting us from Russia, he’s trying to cover his own treason. If he understands the power of his office, he’s being an evil, vindictive, man who is trying to further divide the country no matter how much he talks about healing and bipartisanship. If he is clueless, he is dangerous to the security of the United States.

Which do you think it is or do you have your own theory? Discuss.

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Five Things You’ll Never See On My Facebook Status

The Weather
If you want to know what the weather is where I live, go to and look it up. I don’t post, “33 and snowy. Brrr!” My reasoning is two-fold. One, people only care about the weather where they are. Two, if you are where I am, you know what the weather is like. There are 10,000 places to check the weather and neither you nor I are meteorologists.

If there is a tornado ripping up my town, I might post, “Holy crap! There’s a tornado ripping up my town! If you live in the Greenlawn area, kiss your ass goodbye!” But that’s about the extent of my meteorological expertise.

Tornadoes are fairly common in my area. You should fully expect to see me post one day, “It’s coming right fer us! Well, what do you know? It really does sound like a freight train! The house is coming off its…arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!” Yes, in the interest of science, I will take the time to type “argh!” as I’m sucked into the funnel. I’ll upload pictures if time permits.

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