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D-Bag of 2015 Goes To…

When my eldest moved out of the mobile home we own just a couple of miles from our house, I took over the responsibilities for it. I did some remodeling and helped my youngest move in. Part of the transition was getting insurance, so I called my Allstate agent. Allstate doesn’t insure mobile homes, so they shopped around and farmed the coverage out to American Modern Insurance (@AmericanModIns). As of November 2015, things were great. They even sent someone out to ask about smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and to take a few photos.

Jump forward to 17 December 2015. New flooring, paint, and tenant are installed, then a letter comes. AMI informs me that as of 27 December 2015, they are cancelling my policy due to “rust on the roof.” They essentially gave me 9 days notice and said nothing about remediating the problem. Nine days before Christmas to either hire someone or fix it myself. Sounds like an impossible task? Well, it is. There’s no one available on that short notice the week of Christmas and December offers exactly zero hours of sunlight after a day job to do any kind of outdoor repairs. The entire thing is just a cosmetic issue anyway. There are no holes in the roof. It will take a lot of sanding and then a couple of coats of a rust-resistent paint, but that isn’t going to happen at Christmastime.

As of now, I have no insurance on our mobile home. I will get the cosmetics updated and re-apply for coverage, but with one stipulation. I will exclude American Modern Insurance from my list of companies to consider. I’m fully convinced Charles Dickens owned a time machine, came forward in time, made notes about AMI, and based his Mr. Scrooge character on their company. Cancelling a policy at Christmas with little time to rectify the situation, is just a low blow. Hopefully, they refund the balance of the premium that I paid 12 months in advance so I can put the money towards supplies to remove the rust and paint the roof.

The unanimous winner of my douchebag move of the year, 2015, goes to American Modern Insurance whose new jiggle should include the lyrics, “Piss on your Christmas and piss on you, too!”

Remember, legal isn’t necessarily ethical, moral, or kind so keep chasing the odd, little happy where you can find it.


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