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Camping Adventure 4.0 and 4.5: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our last adventure is in the book. We did something we haven’t done in a long time…take a full week off. Nine straight days of traveling, relaxing, shopping, and a little yard work thrown in to keep me grounded. We parked the rig at Harrison Bay State Park, just east of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It happens to be about 15 minutes from the park to my mother-in-law’s house, which was the real purpose for picking that location and where the yard work came in. For the cost of one night in a nice hotel, we got to stay for a week at Harrison Bay. I shot some video of the 3 RV campgrounds at the park (Campground A, Campground B, Campground C) and rattled on about some of park amenities while shooting.

Once our time was up, we hauled the trailer down the road to Shar’s mom’s house and I somehow got it backed down a very long driveway, through an 11-foot-wide gate, and parked it perfectly at the end of the driveway in the backyard. I dropped the trailer and headed back home and back to work while Shar stayed another week.

This was only possible because of three improvements we made. First, I repossessed a 10-gauge extension cord from my oldest daughter. That gave us enough juice to run the AC on just 20A/120V household current. Second, there are no dump stations between my mother’s-in-law house and our house so I ordered a Valterra Sewer Solution which was waiting on the stoop when we got back. After a tip to Lowe’s for some 1-inch PVC pipe and fittings, I assembled and extension to connect the Sewer Solution to our house sewer connection. 15 minutes later, the black tank was empty. One back flush later, it was almost as clean as the day it was installed.

The third improvement was a simple oil change for the truck. We’re pushing the tow limit of our F-150 with just the trailer and our stuff. Having a week’s worth of black tank to haul was going to be a challenge. Prior to leaving, I had a high-mileage, all-synthetic, 5W-20 motor oil put in the engine. It made a huge difference in the towing performance. On trip number 3, I was revving at 2900rpm in 4th gear to stay at 60mph. On this outing, we slipped over to 5th gear with ease and even 6th gear, once or twice. Doing 65mph was no problem and hills were much easier to climb. If you’re doing any kind of towing, I highly recommend you run a good oil and have it changed to keep up with your towing habits, not just at the standard mileage recommendation.

Camping buddy Shakespeare is a fan of glamping.
Camping buddy Shakespeare is a fan of glamping.

So adventure 4 and 4.5 are done. November is lined-up with lots of work on our mobile home to get it ready for the youngest to move in. The oldest daughter has had it for 5 years now and they’re moving 2 hours away for her husband’s job. There is carpet to pull and new flooring to put down. Pray for my back and knees. Adventure 5 isn’t planned, yet, but it will probably be in the late Winter or early Spring.

In the meantime,
Camp safe & keep chasing the odd, little happy.


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