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The New Adventure & the Open Road

We’ve done what many people our age do…joined the RV crowd. As empty-nesters, we decided that dragging a 30-foot trailer with us on our journeys was a good thing. I just wanted a pickup truck. Little did I know it came with a travel trailer.

We bought a Forest River Coachman 50th Anniversary Edition of their Apex 269RBSS model. There are bigger RVs out there, but it’s a monster to me since I’m the one who has to wrestle the thing down the highway.

We gave it some thought and decided to document our travels on a Youtube channel dedicated just to our new adventure. A video from our first outing is already up at We’re Fixin’ To Camp. Maybe you like it. Maybe you subscribe and watch us bumble our way into the woods and wilderness of America.

We’re chasing the odd, little happy in a little comfort and style.


One thought on “The New Adventure & the Open Road

  1. Bravo, Randy! Drive like a maniac and die on the road!*

    *my way of wishing well in travel – the Universe hates me and will always execute the exact opposite of what I want.

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