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An Open Letter to the Zale’s Corporation

After I took my wife to a doctor’s appointment and had a nice lunch with my bride, we took the opportunity to retrieve some opal earrings that had recently come back to our local Zale’s from the repair shop. Here is what transpired and the email I sent to Zale’s via their website’s customer service form.

7 July 2015, just after noon,

I stopped by your Madison Square Mall, Huntsville, AL location to pick up a pair of repaired, opal earrings. A well-armed man working there, wearing a nice .45 caliber model 1911, ask me, per store policy, to return my sidearm to my car. What this says to me is that your company feels the need to protect its property, but once it is mine, you don’t feel that it needs the same protections. The most likely place I could be robbed is carrying a Zale’s bag from the store to my car, yet you feel that I should not have the same protection that your store has.

There’s no need to try to explain your no-guns policy to me. The simple fact is I don’t feel safe shopping at your stores now since I can’t protect my purchases in the same way you see fit to protect your merchandise. A brain-dead, no-thought, zero-tolerance, no-guns policy is ridiculous. I wasn’t suspiciously browsing. I presented my driver’s license as I greeted the sales associate. I happily would have shown your manager my license to legally carry a handgun if he had asked. I happily would have shown him my Zale’s credit card and he could have checked the substantial credit limit on it.

Instead, I was mindlessly asked to leave the store and return unarmed. I stepped outside the store, into the mall area and finished my transaction from there. A silly technicality, especially since the transaction required my signature, but I was unable to access the digital pad from the mall. I was given a paper alternative and left with my wife’s earrings.

I’m a long-time customer whom you’ve now alienated from your stores. The substantial credit line that you have extended me will now lie dormant.

Before you go off with “here’s another gun nut who wants to wave his gun in people’s faces,” you should know that I’m licensed to carry. I was carrying concealed, but recent weight loss tends to let my holster slip down with my pants so it shows a bit under my untucked shirt tail. My philosophy is along the lines of “love me, love my dog.” If you love my money, you’ll respect my choice to wear my sidearm, especially if you are doing the same.

This isn’t so much about my right to carry whenever, wherever I want. It’s about the idea that Zale’s feels the need to protect their merchandise with their 2nd Amendment rights, but would deny me the same option when their merchandise becomes my property. I didn’t bother telling Zale’s that last week I was in two banks where either the employees didn’t notice or didn’t care that I had a .357 on my hip.

Keep chasing the odd, little happy even if you have to shop elsewhere.

UPDATE (15 July 2015): Zale’s made no attempt to reply to my email. I guess that’s their standard procedure when confronted with this double standard. Goodbye, Zale’s. It’s been fun.


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Zale’s Corporation

  1. Curious- if they had a gun locker right there where you could lock it up, would you have been okay with that? I can understand both yours and the store’s point.

    1. As long as I had it between the store and the car, I would have been fine with it, but they wanted me to go lock it in my car, leaving me vulnerable for that walk from the store while I carried $500 opals in a bag clearly labeled “Zale’s”.

      1. I agree it is scary to have to walk to the car with something like that. I don’t like having to get a large amount of cash to deposit into one bank from another because I feel vulnerable.

        They should offer some type of gun check in or something.

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