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Talent Overload

I don’t know how it started, but I’ve over-indulged on The Voice, X Factor, and ____’s Got Talent, videos on Youtube this weekend. I’ve never watched these shows on TV. I’ve only seen clips online. I know that they are designed to reinforce our worship of celebrity, but I discovered something just the opposite.

If you watch more than 10 of these clips, you soon realize that there is nothing special about the so-called celebrities we worship. There are people in your town who have amazing voices. Some exponentially better than people who regularly sell platinum albums. There are waiters and shoe salesmen who go home every night and belt out incredible covers of pop songs while vacuuming the rug or washing dishes.

And it’s not just singing voices. There are people next to you at stop lights or standing beside you on the subway who have untapped talents that would floor you. You may even be one of those people. Just because you never get to audition for American Idol doesn’t make your talent any less valuable than last season’s winner.

What I would urge everyone to do is stop blindly believing the cult of personality we’ve been taught to follow. Start getting to know the people you see everyday. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a hidden talent, share it where and when you can. Sing at the bus stop. Juggle for your nieces and nephews. Give a picture you paint to a friend or neighbor. Put yourself out there and share. We all have something we do well. Don’t hide it. Do it well for people you meet everyday.

Somewhere along the way, while chasing the odd, little happy, you’ll catch moments of unbridled joy.


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