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A Stranger’s Touch

Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped the week before Christmas is even worse, but it happens. It happened to a woman I’m very close to. She’s my youngest daughter. It breaks a father’s heart to see his little girl in pain, but it makes a father proud to see how maturely his little girl can handle such a sorry situation.

On December 19, 2014, after just recovering from a flu, she collected herself well enough to return some of the Christmas presents she no longer needed. Here’s what she said about her trip to Belk’s department store.

Tonight, I stopped by Belk to return some clothes I had bought for Now Ex-Boyfriend. When the guy asked me why I wanted to return them I said “I lost about 350lbs from the time I ordered them,” and started to cry. He looked confused, but a nearby saleswoman must have overheard and caught on because she came over and held my hand until my transaction was complete and I ran out of the store because I was so embarrassed. I should have told her thank you because that was such an amazingly nice thing to for a stranger. I wish I knew her names because I would totally write Belk customer service about it.

helping hands
Helping Hands

Dear Belk’s,

Please accept my gratitude for having such a lovely lady on staff in your Huntsville, Alabama store at Bridgestreet. I don’t know her name. I don’t even know what department she works in. I only know that her act of kindness made an impression. Though my daughter was embarrassed, she, too, was deeply touched by this small gesture of kindness. I hope your employee is found and recognized for her act. If she is or is not, I will pay it forward.

To all those hurting,
To all those in pain,
To all those in need,
To all those laughing,
To all those crying,
To all those joyous,
To all those at peace,
Merry Christmas to all those, everywhere.


4 thoughts on “A Stranger’s Touch

  1. So sorry to hear this. Christmas and Valentine’s day have to be the worst times to be dumped. Hugs to your daughter.

  2. Belk employs quality people for the most part. I have a sister in law and a good friend working at our west Knoxville store. I am glad they seem to employ compassionate types elsewhere. Sorry your daughter got tilted like that; then again, no, I’m not! He sounds like a putz anyway, and he just set her free to find someone who’s NOT a putz!

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