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Easy DIY Custom Fence Panels for Hiding Unsightly Areas Around Your Home

Building a screen for unsightly things around your home is quite simple. You may want to hide the air conditioner unit, like I did, shrink your project to build a little screen for your trash cans. Whatever it is you want to hide, you can do it quickly and easily with some 2x4s and fence pickets.

This is a project you’ll finish in just a couple of hours. It all depends on if you are digging post holes and/or painting. The basics, at least how I did it, only took a couple of hours. I wanted to do mine as cheaply and quickly as possible. The cheap was done by using some metal fence posts I had on hand. The quickly was done by, well, it’s best I show you. The first video is the basic materials and construction. The second is some tinkering I did with fasteners to hold the fence panels to the metal posts. Enjoy and keep chasing the odd, little happy.



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