The Plant Stand Problem: Build a Bench

I’ve been Googling plant stands to fill a corner of my deck. The former occupant, a child-size bench, finally succumbed to the weather. I found plenty of designs that I liked and that were terribly complex to build. I finally realized how simple the little bench was to build. Being the laziest man on Earth, I decided to build a replacement bench.

Building the little bench is an easy project for any novice woodworker. It only requires 2, 1″x12″x72″ boards, basic tools, and a splash of paint. I used pocket holes to assemble mine, but you can use screws or even nails through the sides to attach the back and bottom. I know that the back and bottom could be higher to give it more of a bench-like look, but remember, for me, this is a plant stand.

Keep chasing the odd, little happy.


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  1. How’re you doing, old guy? Miss you at Y!CN. I’m not a wood-working kind of guy, but I do enjoy watching others at it.

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