A Few New Things for the New Year

Our little blue speck has once again completed another 365-day orbit around old Sol. Old Pope Greg’s calendar now reads, “2014,” and I’m making a few changes for the new year. I usually don’t make resolutions for the new year because I can’t stand the added depression that comes with breaking all my impulsively created vows by January 7th. I thought about this resolution for more than 2 minutes, so you know I’m serious.

I’m recommencing my YouTube channel with even less focus than before. In addition to my vlogs, ridiculous rants, and writing vociferation, I’ve added DIY (do it yourself) how-to videos. I figure you can learn while I learn as long as neither of us loses a finger in the process.

I also opted into Youtube advertising. Going forward, there will be ads with my videos. Pre-2014, I took great pride in being ad-free, but someone has to pay for all the lumber and tools. My wife put me on “Lowe’s restriction” unless I can come up with some extra-budget money. Hopefully, with fresh content and regular postings, I’ll make enough YouTube money that I can buy the occasional saw blade. It will also be nice to build something with quality lumber because “How to build a ______ from scrape pallets” can only carry the channel so far. This is a resolution I can keep because working on these projects and making video give me the odd, little happy.

I also had to replace my old laptop. After two hard drive crashes, I bought a model with a sold-state drive. I also started saving my files to the cloud with Google Drive. I lost too much in those drive crashes. I’m not taking any more chances. Maybe now, if I start writing a book again, I’ll actually finish it. I certainly won’t have “my computer ate my work” as an excuse. I can create all sorts of other excuses though. One other important thing my old computer took with it was my video editing software. This new laptop doesn’t have a CD drive nor can I locate the CD with my old copy of Vegas Pro, so I’m limping along with Microsoft Movie Maker until I can get a replacement/upgraded version.

Please enjoy my happy new year video and my “return to YouTube” video about a mobile shelf organizer I built. I even included a supply list and instructions in the video description, aka Dooblie-Doo. If you build one, send me a picture or a video.


Happy 2014 & keep chasing the odd, little happy


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