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Crap No One Asked For

This is my contribution to the “List Things People Don’t Know About You” game going around Facebook.

1. I’m probably responsible for the closing of the Lincoln Library room in the White House. At a White House Staff Xmas party one year, my mother yanked me off a chair I was standing on. The next year there was a rope across the door with a sign that said “…closed because the furniture is old and fragile…”

2. It may have been that same party where a Marine intercepted my tiny self going up the stairs to the living quarters of the White House. I was returned to my parents, suspended by my belt like a piece of luggage.

3. I’ve used the Oval Office restroom. It’s OK. I washed my hands.

4. Lyndon Johnson cut in line right in front of me to get a piece of chicken at a BBQ on the White House south lawn.

5. I entertained two of Richard Nixon’s dogs for a day at Key Biscayne.

6. I have 27 Aunts & Uncles. 11 on my father’s side, 16 on my mother’s. Not all are still living.

7. I wept uncontrollably at my father’s funeral.

8. I kept my parents in Germany an extra 7 weeks because I was born just as they were supposed to come back to the States.

9. I was a parent at 18. I have no idea how my kids turned out as great as they are.

10. I married my high school sweetheart and we’re still together after more than 31 years of marriage. She makes me laugh so hard.

11. I’m not nearly as crotchety as my internet persona.

That’s probably more than anyone wanted to know about me, but now I’ve played the game.


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