Name Pluto’s Moons

Everyone’s favorite dwarf planet is back in the news. Pluto needs names for its newly discovered moons. Mark Showalter used the Hubble telescope to reveal two undiscovered moons orbiting Pluto. He also set up a web site where you can suggest and/or vote on names for the currently identified P4 & P5. If you, didn’t know, Pluto already has 3 moons, Charon, Hydra, & Nix.

The new names must have something to do with the Underworld and come from Greek or Roman mythology. If you need background information on the new names, you’ll find it on the voting site. Personally, I like Cerberus and Styx.

The International Astronomical Union actually has final say in naming the newly discovered bodies, but they’ll give serious consideration to the voting results.

Plutonian System
Plutonian System

Here’s a quick video from Slate News about all this chatter.

What names would you suggest? Did you vote? Which did you vote for? Leave a comment.


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