Turning in Christopher Dorner

What would you do for one million dollars?

One million dollars…$1,000,000…that is being offered for information leading the arrest of Christopher Dorner. The real question is, not what would you do with the money, but what would you do for the money?

There are as many ways to answer this question as there are people. Obviously, many have answered with “I’d turn him in,” because the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have already received thousands of calls. All were dead ends.

Maybe you don’t need the million. Maybe you’d “do the right thing” and turn Mr. Dorner in for free. Maybe doing the right thing is a matter of opinion and your opinion may be different than some, currently on the fringe, but quickly swirling towards the common center of society, people.

See, there are a growing number of people out there who are not enamored with the police. They basically come in three flavors.

The Blind Eye
Some may turn a blind eye to Mr. Dorner and let him go on his way unobstructed. This person would never kill a cop, but they don’t have any problem letting Mr. Dorner go free. These include every kid who hasn’t been hassled or arrested while Dorner is keeping the LAPD occupied. The longer the cops are looking for him, the smaller their chances of getting their face pushed in by an over-zealous cop.

The Helping Hand
Some may help Mr. Dorner just a bit. They would hand him a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup and wish him well on his way. This person would never kill a cop, but they sure would like to smack one around a little.

The Eager Beaver
Some may just join Mr. Dorner. This person has been maligned, beaten, and illegally arrested by rogue, corrupt cops. The population encompassing this brand of citizen is sadly growing. As our domestic police forces become increasing militarized, expect to see more of these disgruntled people. Gone are the days of the beat cop who knew the kids names in his patrol area. Here to stay are the days of a boot to the head if you question police authority.

One thing is sure. Whether someone collects the million or the cops find Dorner first, he’ll never see a jail or a court. The cops who find Dorner will kill him whether he resists or not.

UPDATE: Less than 48 hours after writing this piece, Christopher Dorner’s body was removed from the burned husk of a cabin near Big Bear, CA. After a man reported someone fitting Dorner’s description carjacked is truck, police gave chase and surrounded the cabin into which Dorner fled. In an escape attempt, Dorner killed one and wounded another San Bernardino county deputy. After an approximately 6-hour stand-off, a police tactical unit set fire to the cabin in a botched attempt to raid and apprehend. The fire was left to burn and once the flames died down, Dorner’s body, true to my prediction, was removed from the scene. He never saw a jail, a lawyer, or a courtroom.


4 thoughts on “Turning in Christopher Dorner

  1. This is the reason there are so many who have different versions of conspiracy theories, from the government has people living on the moon to all the governments are gearing towards a merger. Either way, something just does not set right with this story. And any time this sort of thing occurs, I can’t help but wonder what they didn’t want us to focus on in the other side of the country.

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