Why You’re a Horrible Person

It’s sadly predictable. Any time a tragedy like the Sandy Hook shooting occurs, the crazies pull out their soap boxes and start shouting at the top of their lungs. They don’t address the situation. They use the situation. They have their own, very specific axe to grind and that’s how they approach it.

Are they anti-gun? They start screaming about assault weapons. Are they pro-gun? They start screaming that Obama will use this to take your guns away. Are they ultra-conservative Christians? They blame the heinous act on removing prayer from schools. Are they militant atheists? They blame it all on extreme religious fanatics. Are they Iran? They blame it on the Jews. (I didn’t make that last one up.)

If when you saw the news about Sandy Hook, your first impulse was to reach for your soap box, you’re a horrible human being. If your first thought was, “See, my conspiracy theory fits here if I tweak this just a tad,” you are a sorry excuse for an evolved primate.

If your first thought wasn’t “Oh my fucking god! Why would anyone do such a vile and horrible thing?” You are a horrible person. If your second thought wasn’t, “I hope those parents and families find some sort of solace and peace and this doesn’t eat up their entire lives.” You are a horrible person. If you tried to bend the news to fit your world view, you are a conspiracy nut and you deserve to get locked in your bomb shelter.

Tragedies like Sandy Hook happen because there are evil, sociopaths in this world. It isn’t some MK-Ultra, government mind-control experiment. The shooter isn’t carrying a copy of Catcher in the Rye. The shooter is mentally ill. There is no other explanation for killing 20 kids than that. Period. Full stop. Paragraph break.

Weep for the lost. Weep for the survivors. Even weep for the shooter. But don’t start placing blame on your conspiracy of choice or imagined cause du jour.

Now continue weeping for all the children who will die today, not from bullets, but from starvation. Hundreds will die from lack of clean water. Dozens will die from land mines left from long-forgotten wars. A few may die from a drone-strike gone wrong. It doesn’t have to happen in Connecticut to hit close to home or heart. Weep and continue weeping until all the children on this planet have at least a chance to grow up.


6 thoughts on “Why You’re a Horrible Person

  1. I guess I could say something cheesy here about how “great minds think alike” and all, but this post sounds like the aftermath of this tragedy has struck you with the same sense of irony and outrage as it has me! The only difference in our recent posts is no mention of the endless media onslaught over this tragedy. Talk about making sure the survivors and the families cannot find solace or peace anytime soon (but it IS all about the ratings, after all)!

    Not to pimp my blog at all, but check out my take on the thing, and you will see that you are not alone in your outrage. And, yes, why do kids who die at the end of a madman’s rifle get more attention than those who die every day from so many other, horrible (and much more preventable) ways)?

  2. I agree with so much of what you say and think Lanza was indeed seriously ill. But here is what also concerns me : the killer’s mother, Nancy was petitioning the courts for power to make decisions on her adult son’s behalf.But like so many others she was bogged down with in the legal system.

    And I see this again and again: dangerous individuals who are not evaluated immediately or where mental health workers don’t -or can’t – keep them away from others. Their hands are tied.

    I have personal experience with this because a friend recorded her husband’s threats against her and their child. She called the police.

    This was not an isolated Incident and he had seen a counselor and was getting worse, mainly because of improperly treated manic depression. When he threatened to kill himself she got an emergency order- which lasted all of 48 hours. He shot himself shortly afterward and it is a miracle he did not kill anyone.

    I understand that this is a true dilemma: how to act quickly without overreacting and putting away people who may not be a danger to anyone? I also wonder why school shootings were rare when I was a child. I never heard of one. Yet the world has always had sociopaths.

    My personal take is that insurance — which used to help pay for extended stays in psychiatric wards have instead restricted clients to 15-30 minutes of “therapy”…and for only for very few visits per year. Meds are often a first course “solution” because we live in both a quick fix society and because mental health treatment is no longer a priority, especially when it comes to insurance reimbursement for hospitalization. But meds do not cure distorted ways of perceiving the world. Some people simply can not be treated successfully.

    And even when the courts agree to commit someone it is hard to find a hospital. Outpatient treatment may be the only option. Nancy Lanza was not poor so she may have had resources to pay on her own. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance.

  3. I guess I am a horrible person. My first thought was “oh no, this is horrible!”, but then my second thought was “what can we do to make sure this does not happen again to any more children?”

  4. My first reaction was total shock and anger. I felt as though the press used innocent children to sell views. Those kids didn’t need interviewed, they needed comfort. They needed to know things would be okay after much counseling. There were so many questions everyone had and some idiot had the nerve to ask one of the children. Leave them alone! I am still crying as I write this. I weep for the children and the parents and for the entire town and for this world that has forgotten compassion. I have to agree, Randy, that for those worrying about gun control instead of hugging their own children, or younger brothers and sisters, are horrible people. When 911 hit, there was no anti-aircraft advocate trying to point out that if we used trains that these types of disasters wouldn’t happen. You had a country rallying around each other; offering support for the families of all the victims and rescue units that were there. Those same people who are now talking gun control, were the first ones to say bomb them!
    Children are our future. My kids get to choose my nursing home. They need as much love, compassion and understanding as God himself can give. We may not be perfect. We may not be able to reach each mentally disturbed person or troubled individual. But we sure as hell can try our best to make sure the kids we do have guardianship over, turn out to be loving, caring responsible adults. Adults that know good and evil and shy away from the latter. God bless the children.

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