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But I’m Big In Japan

Almost not a week goes by where I don’t receive any letters and absolutely no emails asking, “Hey, Barefoot! Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel?”

To which I happily spend literally no hours writing lengthy replies to this effect: “Thanks for your thoughtful question and encouragement. Yes, I have not only thought about starting a YouTube channel, I am the proud owner of I Eat Lemons, a channel devoted to helping people chase the odd, little happy.”

Over the last almost 3 years, I have created over 225 videos. Some include my wife. Why mention that? Because I said something about my channel to my wife the other night, to which she exclaimed, “You have a YouTube channel? I didn’t know that.”

“What did you think I was doing with all those videos I made?” I queried in return. “Heck, you’re in more than half a dozen of them, too.”

“I’m on YouTube?” she squealed. Yes, thanks for being in the same room.

If my wife didn’t realize I had a YouTube channel, I thought maybe a few of you dear readers may not know that little fact either. I invite you to click by anytime. Here’s a taste. The topic is “How to be popular on YouTube through diversification (e.g. running multiple a multitude of channels). It’s a bit irreverent, sarcastic, and satirical. I’m sure you’re in complete shock to read that.

Link for the embed impaired.

Keep chasing your odd, little happy. I hope you catch it one day soon.
The shirt I’m wearing in this video, and many others, are available at teeBarefoot. Click by anytime..


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