Scaring The S4!T Out of Me

Inscribed on the ancient Greek temple at Delphi was the phrase “Know thyself.” OK. It was actually in Greek and not Elizabethan English, but it’s still translates well.

I know myself well enough to know that it usually takes something dramatic to get my attention and make me act on something, especially when it comes to changing my lifestyle. Luckily? I had one of the “ah, ha!…er…oh shit” moments this week. I almost put myself into a coma.

Once I realized I had let my diabetes…wait…back up…Once I finally admitted I have diabetes, I vowed to change my lifestyle and fix this mess.

Here is what I decided:
1. I’ll take my meds as prescribed and talk to my doc about adjusting and/or changing them.
2. I will radically change my diet and eating habits.
3. I will exercise, however moderately, starting by adding 1,000 steps to my daily routine.
4. I will stay alive.

It’s all in this video. I’d retype it, but I’m going to get the WII out and do at least a little something. It’s amazing how much cardio that stupid, little boxing game that came with the console can produce.

link for the embed impaired.


3 thoughts on “Scaring The S4!T Out of Me

  1. Proteins – meat, eggs, cheese. As a diabetic, you can eat just about as much of them as you’d like. Why? They’re protein, not sugar. And yes, you’re gonna’ have to eating breakfast. Sausage, eggs, cottage cheese… (all proteins, you note), perhaps a slice of toast and/or some fruit (the carbs). The proteins burn longer & stronger & supply energy for the entire day. Carbs burn out quickly. Kinda’ like a bottle rocket. (Ever notice how two bottle rockets tied together won’t fly as high, if at all?) Keep it up! You can do it!

  2. Sorry I missed this. I am glad you caught this before it degenerated into much more severe (and costly) problems. Further, I am glad you didn’t remain in denial (famous last words: “There’s nothing wrong with me!”) and took appropriate action. As we age, it is inevitable that the mechanical breakdowns occur no matter how much we baby and maintain our precious one-and-only bodies. Even as I got back in shape a few years back, even feeling better than I was when I was a (wild) teenager, I’ve had blood sugar drops myself, suddenly requiring a banana or a small piece of candy about 30 minutes before I run to keep from having another out-of-body-like experience. Keep it up, dude, so you may continue to take good care of your angel!

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