Fare Thee Well, Yahoo! Forever

A few blog posts ago, I mentioned that I’d stopped contributing to the Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN). Today, I asked to have my account with YCN permanently closed. If you’re wondering what the fastest way to get your account closed is, it’s the classic, over-the-top forum flounce-and-bounce. Mine included cursing, frustration, and accusations.

Basically, all the things I predicted two years ago when Yahoo! bought Associated Content have come true. Yahoo! has a terrible track record when it comes to acquiring companies. They are so poorly managed and suffer from an unfocused mission. They are the uncoordinated octupus of the internet, grabbing what they can, and killing it without a thought but to their accounting ledgers. So it has been with Associated Content.

Yahoo! has laid off hundreds of people including many in the division running YCN. Those left are so terrified of being fired, they’ll do anything to keep their jobs. It’s sickening. It leaves YCN staffed by frightened, little infants who don’t even know their own rules and regulations.

Their uneven enforcement of their publishing agreement is what has me most upset. They have been closing accounts and dismissing submissions over the stupidest things. Most of their reasoning is contradictory. Their fear has to become everyone’s fear because shit always rolls downhill. Well, I’ve finally had enough. I don’t want to be associated with such a company.

I believe the ten minutes my forum post lasted set a new record for post-to-deletion-by-a-moderator. If you’re going to go, go big, burn all the bridges, stampede the women and children, and rape the cattle. That’s what my post (captured below) did. My account was gone within 15 minutes of posting.

Goodbye, Yahoo! I can’t say, “It’s been fun,” because with mindless, corporate dickheads at the helm, it hasn’t been fun at all. I have all my original material that I care about and I will do with it as I please. Yahoo! can try to sue me, but they can suck my dick, too.

Yahoo! can suck it
The fastest way to get your Yahoo! Contributor account closed.

15 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well, Yahoo! Forever

  1. What makes America so great.We have the freedom to express ourselves,to do whatever suites us ( l never had such freedom when l used to live in the Middle -East)..Wishing you success and happiness.Jalal Michael Sabbagh

  2. You know, I’ve mostly stopped posting there. I was holding on doing some alternative medicine stuff, but they rejected my last article–this from someone who had five years of history with them without any rejections–for the most asinine reasons, and then rejected an image I posted, saying I didn’t properly cite the image, but I cited it the exact same way I have been doing it since they changed image guidelines, it’s just the person on Stock Exchange had their ‘username’ as ‘private’. Whatever.

    I’m still pulling my performance bonus, what little is left… changed my name, but still have my profile picture up. Haven’t been willing to completely burn bridges yet, but… I absolutely applaud your commitment to stand by what you believe and state it publicly. Your writing will live on in other places. It’s time for you to move upward and onward.

    Now, tell me, what’s that novel you’re writing about?

    1. They have developed a pattern of rejecting submissions from established writers. They can’t afford to pay the residuals for the old timers and are trying to drive them off the site, either by discouraging their submissions or by just pulling their accounts for asinine reasons. YCN figures they can get content from newbies on the cheep. It is already starting to bite them in the ass as the content of their site drops lower and lower in both substance and style.

      I do have a book in an infant form, but it’s not a novel. Without the YCN drama to distract me, I should be showing progress on it sooner than later.

  3. You know… the thread is still accessible for those with a subscription to that specific forum. It’s still live here for anyone who wants to see it: https://contributor.yahoo.com/forum/?thread_id=74760&post=0#0 Oh, and did you know that once you’re in the deleted forum/trash bin, you can access all the other deleted threads? Click on trash Bin, and have fun! I don’t know if you can, Randy, since your account is gone, but anyone who is logged in certainly can. Anywhooo… While I’ve never been vocal about it, or vocal about much of anything since I was slammed in the forum for giving solid advice, I’ve read your stuff – including this blog – almost since the day I joined AC in 2009. I remember your predictions when the Yahoo change came, and I remember how lots of ACers scoffed at them too,,, Now most of those who did are gone. I certainly hope you write about it if Y! sues you for using the articles. Thank you for all the great reads, and the inspiration.

  4. Randy – I was one of the first to get stuck when AC was bought and my Yahoo ID wouldn’t get recognized by AC , locking me out of the site. After much communication with “tech support” I got in for about 10 minutes, didn’t write anything beyond “Hi” on the message boards and was unable to get in again, even though the site shows a message saying “Hi, Jan” (sigh).

    I get email notifications of comments and assignment desk alerts. Meanwhile, I’m invisible for all intents and purposes when it comes to participating there.

    What I wonder is why I can’tget paid for articles clearly getting views and comments. At least one is number 1 on Google for that topic focused on a common problem for homeowners. I found another one of mine when I did a search to solve a home maintenance problem and my article showed up as number 1 yet again. Surely that means something as the search words were intuitive and (I be.ieve) likely to get views. Comments back that up.

    Are we no longer getting paid for page views? Are any of the old regulars publishing?

  5. Randy, you hated Yahoo!, and yet you kept hanging around in the forums. I never understood that. If you’re writing a novel, good luck with that. (We don’t like each other, but I DO wish you luck with the novel.) You’re just one person, and you’re not hurting Yahoo! with your blog post. But hopefully, you feel better now and you’ve moved on. Writing it all out is cathartic.  Have a nice life.

    1. A. I didn’t do it to hurt Yahoo. How does one hurt a soulless corporation, anyway? I did it out of principle because of how they treat their freelancers and my friends. Indeed, I am only one man, but I’m a man of principles. I don’t drift on the tide, wait for the wind to change, and just go wherever that wind takes me. I move under my own power, for my own reasons which I don’t have to explain to the likes of you.

      B. I do feel better because of the writing catharsis, as much as you feel better after leaving your passive-aggressive comment. Why you felt the need to even visit my blog is beyond sane reasoning.

      C. I never hated Yahoo until very recently and I always loved the writers. It’s been a downward spiral for the last two years. Perhaps you could ask Darnell or one of the other hundreds of people they laid off what their opinion of Yahoo is. You don’t have to ask the other commenters on this blog. They clearly out-number your opinion 10 to 1.

      D. My life will be just perfectly pleasant until I have to put up with another personality like yours. Hot, cold, indecisiveness, judgmental, did I leave out kiss-ass, oh right, sycophantic kiss-ass. Yeah, that about covers it. Enjoy your new Facebook group. It will last less than a month before either, you lose it on some poor newbie or Aldrige goes off her meds, loses it on a newbie or turns on you. How very cathartic this exchange was.

  6. I think you and Angie were soul mates in a past life! No-one can say they don’t know where they stand with you (or her). I am glad writing is in your blood because of the smile you bring to my world at least once a week or more. Lately, those smiles are happening more frequently. I see more writers following in your footsteps soon.

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