Surprise! The Plain, Brown, Odd, Little Happy

When I arrived home from work, waiting on my doorstep was a large, craft-paper-covered package. I was expecting the box, but had no idea what wonders where taped inside. Apparently, a writing buddy has a new toy, a skill saw, and she’s gone mad making anything her fertile brain can dream up. She used the excuse of my up-coming 30th wedding anniversary to make a couple of gifts. She admits in her letter accompanying the gifts that once the gift is in hand, she has difficulty waiting for the occasion and she’s a bit early for the July 2nd date.

But there I go, looking a beautiful gift horse in the mouth. If her mother hadn’t named her Angel, she would have earn the title with her winning outlook and giving spirit. Angel Sharum of the Circle 8 Writers group not only types a mean story, she wields a mean blade with her new saw. Knowing how much my wife and I love our dogs, she carved a floppy-eared dog into a plaque reading “Warning Bark Zone.” If that wasn’t enough, she carved a beautiful, scroll-worked mount where she embedded a watch resulting in a darling little mantle clock.

I don’t know what we did to deserve such thoughtful gifts, but my wife and I are loving them. I’m grateful to have such good friends-I’ve-never-met. The net is a wild place, but if you always remember there are real people on the other end of that connection, you can make real connections with them. Today’s odd, little happy came in a plain, brown wrapper from the hands of an angel.

warning bark zone
Warning Bark Zone
Mantle Clock
Mantle Clock

4 thoughts on “Surprise! The Plain, Brown, Odd, Little Happy

  1. The dark twisted stories that come out of our Angel always make me chuckle because she is such a sweet straightforward soul.. She is one my most treasured writing friends who grew into a very loved, real friend as well . It looks like she has added another talent to her growing skill list. What a nice surprise, odd, litttle happy you two received!.

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