theBarefoot 2.0

With my last blog post, I bid my official farewell to Yahoo. I haven’t been active there lately anyway, so it wasn’t a hard decision at this point. So where do I go after publishing for six years at their site? I don’t know, but I know I don’t care. It’s a big, big world and a brand new day. It’s theBarefoot 2.0 as far as my writing goes.

I know these few things. I’ll be writing here on the blog more frequently. I’ll be listening to more music, more loudly, through my new headphones. I’ll still be posting YouTube videos at I Eat Lemons. Most importantly, I’ll be giving some serious attention to writing off-line. I’ve got a book started. It may end up in the trash, but not before I finish it. I’ve made that promise to myself.

Today, I shot two videos. It was a very nostalgic experience because I shot them outside just like when I started posting videos on YouTube. I was feeling so nostalgic, I dug out the old “Nancy Intro/Outro” for one of them.

How Southern Are You? is a response to a graphic that’s making the rounds on the internet. It’s wrong. I set it right. Friday the 13th, the Universe, and You is a bit more philosophical and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Change is here. Change is always here. Change is good. I embrace change and revel in the new while loving the old. I hope you stick around for the changes. You’ll probably catch me with my pants down a time or two, but that happens when you’re changing.


2 thoughts on “theBarefoot 2.0

  1. My busy life (and my ADD) spawned 4 novels that have yet to even be touched several years later. Hopefully, your focus is better and schedule more flexible. Good luck with all that!

  2. Best of luck with everything! Thank you for joining my humble little blog. What I’ve read here thus far is great.


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