Why You Need a Large Musical Repertoire

You need a decent musical background to enjoy life. That is my theory and my practice.

I’ll give you an example. Four leaping, howling dogs crowding the backdoor can be the perfect opportunity to stretch your musical lungs. You just need the perfect song to marry to the occasion. If your musical repertoire is limited, you’re going for the obvious Who Let the Dogs Out? and I can only say, “I hate you. That was too easy, just stupid and I hate that song. Oh, and I hate you. I hate you with a white, hot heat.”

So you don’t want to be lame and hated, do you? You need to get some more music under your belt. You need to needlessly hum melodies while standing in line at the DMV or the KFC. You need to put lots of music in your brain so it will come out at the opportune time. You need everything from Bach and Mozart to The Killers and (insert nameless rapper to be named later because I want to appeal to the kids, but can’t figure out why rap is considered a musical genre. It’s just bad poetry with a bass beat which speaks to the primal soul, but sucks when dressed in bling). But I don’t want to get to far afield. Back to our four-dogs-longing-for-a-tree example. What song comes out as you open that door and release the hounds?

Quick! Access the library: flip cards, microfiche, vinyl discs, cassettes, 8-tracks, CDs, DVDs, scramble, turn, flip, No! Don’t struggle. This needs to roll off the tongue as if you just curiously tasted one of those hard candies from the dish on you grandmother’s coffee table. (Put it in your pocket. You can just throw those pants away.) The answer is…Run for the Hills. I’ll hate me for doing this, but link. Ron “dooshie” Dio said he wrote this song only to take advantage of some musical crap I don’t understand because I don’t read music, fifths and forths and so. Son of a…

I can’t satire it better than Jack Black as Tenacious D.

Here, you must know that 80’s metal was never my forte. I was a punky, new wavy dumbass. But if I hadn’t gotten out of my comfort zone, if I hadn’t explored other musical genre, I would have missed a golden opportunity. I was able to throw open the door, point dramatically to the sky and scream, “Run for the hills. Run for you life.” I did it as perfectly as Rock Band 3 could have expected.

The dogs were slightly confused and seemed to mill about in a circle until the repeated chorus propelled them out the door. Fourteen pine trees adorn my backyard. What dog can resist?

P.S. While typing this, I was listening to the Electric Six. I’ve adopted them as my life’s soundtrack. “Every hero needs a soundtrack,” but that’s movies and that’s a different topic.


2 thoughts on “Why You Need a Large Musical Repertoire

  1. “Eclectic” is the watchword here! I have always been a metal-head at heart, but I had all kinds of stuff from Classical, punk, funk, reggae, blues, etc. (until my external hard drive crashed; now one of my bro’s is trying desperately to set my collection of over 4,000 songs free again). Music for many moods is not just a great idea; it shows that someone actually puts a little thought into picking the soundtrack of their lives!

    BTW, the writer of Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” was bassist Steve Harris, not RJD. Thanks for that awesome link and for the Tenacious D as well. You Rock!

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