Road Rage Rants

This was the third Saturday in a row that put me on the road. This time it was to meet my sister half-way to Arkansas in BF, Mississippi. There we exchanged my passenger, mom, so she could return home after about a six-week visit to Bama. As always, I took my camera along. Instead of vlogging the trip, I ended up with 5 minutes of me screaming at other drivers and ranting about stupid traffic tricks. You can watch me curse at my fellow road occupants and almost have a stroke.

Link for the embed impaired


2 thoughts on “Road Rage Rants

  1. Shoes in the tree…. Here in SoCal when I was in school it was tradition to tie your gym shoes together and toss them onto the nearest telephone or electrical line on at the end of the school year. Just part of celebrating the end of boring school and the freedom of summer where one was likely to go without shoes 99% of the time. All round each school there would be stinky old gym shoes hung on the wires. In some neighborhoods this evolved into a form of communication for gangs to either mark their territory or make some statement as to an upcoming or past drive-by shooting etc. Hopefully your shoe covered tree is part of a happy tradition. If you find out please do let us know.

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