Magic City Road Trip

My mom is visiting. She lives 6 hours away in Arkansas and thinks she’s too old to drive the entire trip. So my sister and I meet halfway, in the middle of BF, Mississippi and transfer cargo, including one 5′ 1″ white-haired woman. That leaves my mom here without a car.

She stays with her sister while visiting Huntsville, but sometimes wants to take a side trip. Today I got to shuttle her to Birmingham, the Magic City, well, Inverness at least, which is south of Birmingham. There she’ll visit her sister-in-law…make that sisters-in-law. All three are widows. All three are pretty well provided for in the latter years. All three together are hell on wheels. The antiques stores don’t stand a chance.

I set out to document the road trip in video. While editing, I realized what I had shot was the most boring crap ever and canned all but two or three minutes of riotous laughter between my daughter and me as we got back to town. Please to enjoy a brief video, wherein we discuss the ever-growing problem of Walmart taking over the world, sort of.

Link for the embed impaired.


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