The Worldwide Sock Conspiracy

Kids, I came to a frightening realization today; socks are slowly taking over the world. They are doing it very slyly and subtlety. First, watch this video wherein I explain what the cheeky bastards are up to. Then, check your sock drawer. You’ll see that I’m right. Something has to be done, people! What it is, I don’t know…yet, but I’ll figure it out. If you have suggestions about how to handle this situation, please let me know what we can do about the worldwide sock conspiracy. We must unite, stand together, and never waiver, no matter how these insipid socks try to control our minds.

Link for the embed impaired.
We are the 50/50% poly-cotton blend.


4 thoughts on “The Worldwide Sock Conspiracy

  1. I read Stock Conspiracy and was wondering if I should dust off my foil hat LOL. Of course I agree all the socks in the world are up to something. All hampers and clothes dryers must be connected via a net work of worm holes. Not only do I constantly find the lone sock with no mate I am finding lone socks that I never saw before! After tossing out two different socks from old favorites and then finding their mates in the laundry I have decided to keep all the odd socks and make me a crazy sock quilt. Come on little cosmic travelers…. your next trip to my dryer will be your last HA!

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