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To Say, “Thanks!” an E-Scavenger Hunt with a Real Prize

Here’s the deal. I want to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for reading. Thank you for writing. Thank you for watching. Thank you for hearing. And most importantly, thank you for listening, really listening, and responding. So how do I say, “Thank you?” With a gift certificate, of course.

But, as much as I’d like, I can’t give everyone a gift certificate. So join me in a game…a scavenger hunt…an e-scavenger hunt. Here is what I have in mind:

  1. Number your answers to the 10 or 11 questions below.
  2. Email your numbered answers to “teebarefoot at gmail dot com” before 11:59 PM CDT 30 September 2011.
  3. Profit!

Sounds pretty easy because it is.

The Rules

The winner will be the person who answers the most questions correctly. If there is more than one winner, I’ll select randomly from the winning entries. One entry per email address, period. If I find you spoofing, you’re disqualified. Simple? Simple. The prize is a $50 gift certificate to You can use it in my SpreadShirt store, any of the thousands of SpreadShirt stores, or even design your own swag.

If there is a huge response to this game, I reserve the right to award more prizes if I feel like it or am drunk. The more winners, the more likely I am to give more prizes. So spread the word! Unlike other contests where more competitors means you’re less likely to win, this game is the opposite. The more winners there are, the more likely I am to award more prizes. Awarding additional prizes is totally at my discretion.

What you basically need to know are two URLs, my Yahoo page and my YouTube page. All the answers can be found in a video or written article at one of those two sites. I even broken the questions into two categories for you. The questions start off easy and get progressively harder. So good luck.

Here are the questions & clues
Videos @ YouTube (
1. What is the name of my YouTube Channel?
2. In a video entitled Are you for real? I tell you my family name is from what geographical area?
3. In the video Lights, Camera, Non-action a pop-up annotation tells you what video editing software I use. What the name of that software?
4. According to one of my videos, if you wanted to donated $10 to the Red Cross, what word would you text and to what number would you send it?
5. 48 seconds into Word of the Week Wednesday: Moons I make a reference to a movie. What is the name of that movie?

Writings @ Yahoo (
6. According to 33 Annoying Expressions that Killed Our Conversation, what two things will I do before I “agreeing to disagree?”
7. In the article Five Movies You Can Quote in Everyday Situations I reveal my favorite movie. What is the title of my favorite movie and what is the name of the leading actor or actress of that movie?
8. True or false? Driving with your pickup truck’s tailgate down improves your gas mileage. (Hint: The correct answer is in an article I wrote on gas saving tips.)
9. What is the name of the last check writer on earth?
10. According to Meeting My Maker & Buying a Pasta Maker & Fire, Lots of Fire what is the basis of Capitalism?

What is the full name of my imaginary institute? (Hint: I’ve used it in my writings, my videos, and even on a tee-shirt which I’ve worn in several videos.)

Employees and family members of The Barefoot mumble mumble Institute are ineligible.
Remember, the contest ends 11:59pm CDT 30 September 2011. Your entry needs to be received at “teebarefoot at gmail dot com” before then. If you can’t decode that email address, well, that’s really the first question, isn’t it?

Good luck!

The YouTube video introducing this contest. Chances are, you came to this blog post from the video. There isn’t anything in the video that will help unless you are unable to decode the cryptic email address. In the video, the email address for your contest entry is spelled out with “@” and “.” and other fancy symbols.

I’ve disallowed comments on this post to protect the integrity of the contest. Thanks for understanding. If you’d like to comment, please send me a Tweet @theRealBarefoot.