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I’ve Lost My Faith

I’ve lost all faith in the page-view counts from the Yahoo Contributor’s Network (YCN), formerly Associated Content. There are too many glitches, too many reporting delays, too many reporting inconsistencies, and too deep of a dive to attribute to seasonal dips or any other reason. There are too many stories I’ve corroborated with too many other members to ignore the problem. There are too many facts/numbers I’ve analyzed from too many other sources to just take it on faith that YCN is keeping a correct or even decent tally.

Yahoo has financial woes and has laid off hundreds of employees. That is the proverbial straw on the proverbial camel’s back. Even if Yahoo isn’t doing it intentionally to save a buck, they just don’t give a rat’s posterior that the numbers are right. It still saves their tiny, little, struggling start-up an @$$-load of money to under pay the writers.

I’ll take what they give me, but I don’t write primarily for the money. Even less than half of what I was making only 3 months ago is still more than I pay myself to write on my blog. For those who make this a living, I see greener pastures on the digital horizon. My prediction is a slow, but steady migration of the best talent there to venues that pay a reasonable wage for the effort.

I apologize for sounding so doom-and-gloomy, but this is more than just sour grapes and a gut feeling. After months of discussions with my fellow writers, months of swapping numbers, this is just something I’ve finally faced up to. Yahoo just doesn’t care and within the year, it will show.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Faith

  1. I came to a similar conclusion. I don’t think it’s broken though. I think it’s purposeful – but that is just my opinion. Mine was more than cut in half several months ago, and it’s not getting any better… I think it’s tweaked, manipulated, and that if anyone asked for an accounting of it, I’m certain they have ‘reasons’ and ‘excuses’ and ‘paperwork’ that can explain why it is the way it is, why some are discounted and others aren’t, etc. They will have something for verification – not a damned thing anyone can do about it.

    Thanks for being honest, Randy. There are many who probably feel this way but are afraid to say something…

    Love and stuff,

  2. I worked for Yahoo in a pilot program three years ago. The program was doing well and garnering new users to Yahoo. However, due to budget cuts, TPTB decided it was one of the things left behind on the table. I knew then there was going to be a problem. I just never realized how big a problem it was going to be until now.

  3. Suppose I’ve given up a while ago and trying to regroup and decide where to go next. For now, I’m just focusing on my blog and putting some faith in Google Adsense,

  4. It has been getting bad, but I’m like you Randy, I’ll ride it out because I’m not counting on the money. I feel like we go here at least once a year and each time it gets a little worse.

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