New Year, New Opportunity

Welcome to 2011. It’s a party and everyone is invited. We traditionally wish health and happiness upon the turning of the calendar. Those are my wishes for all, but sadly, it isn’t universally the case. Case in point, a writing buddy of mine, Rissa Watkins. After checking into the emergency room with a low platelet count, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She started chemotherapy with the new year.

She’s not destitute. She has insurance, but it has a high deductible. Of course, the timing of being diagnosed with the new year means she’s starting her deductible at zero. Plus, there are always non-medical costs like transportation, special diet, child care for her young son, and other logistics. The short of it is…she could use a little help.

If you’d like to help, either monetarily or non-monetarily, I know she would appreciate it. Here’s some things you can do.

Write a note of encouragement
Drop her a note at her blog, her Facebook, or on Youtube. Just knowing that someone cares can help with the recovery process.

Buy a shirt
There are a couple of sites selling tee-shirts. 100% of the profits go directly to Rissa. Pick one or two up from Cafe Press or Spread Shirt. The first $14.20 from my Spread Shirt site was forwarded to Rissa this morning.

Follow her progress
Rissa is uploading videos of her progress to her Youtube channel. Subscribe and, more importantly, comment with some encouraging words.

Buy a book
Twin Trinity Media is donating $1/book and 25¢/e-book to the cause. You get something to read. Rissa gets some help. That’s a win-win.

Say a prayer
I don’t care who your deity is, what’s it hurt to get a celestial petition started? Unless your god is Jeff, god of biscuits, I’m sure it will help. But let’s face it, Jeff, god of biscuits, is a pretty pathetic god. So if that’s your deity, don’t bother.

If you can do any of those things, it would help this great lady tremendously. If you’d just like to donate some money, that would be great, too. I don’t know if Rissa would allow me to share her address, but I’ll forward any donation to her. Just send a note with the PayPal transaction to my PayPal account, “barefoot at knology dot net”.

That’s it. Short and sweet. As for the rest of us, let’s try to stay healthy, but think about what it would be like if the chemo bag were in the other arm, so to speak.


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Opportunity

  1. Thank you for doing so much for me, Randy! And thank everyone else for their support as well.

    I have been amazed at the way people have rallied. Humans can be such a wonderful people.

    The support of everyone has helped me tremendously, not just financially, but help me keep my spirits up.

    Oh and Jeff, god of biscuits, sounds like a rocking diety right about now- course that could be because of the week hospital food. blech!


  2. And write to your Senator and Representative and tell them we need universal health care (not health insurance, HEALTH CARE!)

    Medical care should not depend on bake sales and t-shirt profits.

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