Embassy Suites, Dunwoody GA: If You Complain, Be as Swift to Compliment

Yesterday, I posted how unhappy I was when I checked into the Embassy Suites in Dunwoody, GA. I must say, I’m a much happier camper today. After I posted my 4-point complaint on the Embassy Suites Facebook page last night, I got a call this morning from the hotel management asking if they could move me to a king-size room today instead of Wednesday. They also mentioned something about waiving the $10/day internet connection fees for the duration of my stay.

My wife called as we broke for lunch at noon and told me she was in a different room…a very clean room with a king-size bed as we had booked. I’m feeling much better today than yesterday. The pool is still green, but, meh, we’ll live. I wished it hadn’t taken a call from on high to light a fire under the local management, but it does show what a concise, well written, factual complaint can do when it reaches the right ears/eyes.


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  1. Well that was nice of them. I have generally found Embassy Suites to be very good value, but there is always the one occasion where the right room isn’t available, and the staff aren’t co-operative.

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