But Honestly Monica It’s Been One of Those Days

Did you ever have a day where the universe conspired to do you a favor? Yesterday was one for me. I spent the evening shooting and editing a video about the whole Cooks Source copyright infringement furor, but YouTube was having technical problems and I couldn’t upload it.

In hindsight, YouTube did me a favor. I wasn’t really pleased with the video. The main point got lost in the massive back-story. I wanted to reshoot it, but it was late…very late.

Because of the failed upload, I now have the opportunity, to reshoot it today. I vow to do a better job this time. I’ll get to the point and the video won’t be 8 minutes long. But honestly, Monica, I’ll only put it in for a minute.


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  1. Ah, the unexpected benefits of an irritating setback; they can be a real butt-saver sometimes!

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