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OK. Here’s the Deal.

As you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As you may not know, I have some really cute tee shirts, jerseys, hoodies, & sweatshirts, all with original designs for Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) in my shirt shop. Three dollars of every BCA shirt sold goes to FORCE, a great organization supporting breast cancer research, patients, & survivors.

I don’t want to look like a putz and send FORCE $15. So for October 2010, if y’all will buy enough shirts to generate at least a $50 donation (I’ll save you the brain strain…that’s 17 shirts), I will match the donation dollar for dollar out of my own pocket. We’re 5 shirts down and 12 to go. So if you want to help a great organization fight breast cancer, buy a shirt. If you like me, buy a shirt. If you hate me, hit me in the wallet and buy a shirt. Visit the Charity & Causes section of the teeBarefoot store. I like the shirt with Braille on it. It really does say “Save the Ta-tas” in Braille.
To get ready for the cool weather, there’s a coupon for 30% off long sleeve items. Until 29 Oct 2010, buy 3 long sleeve items & get 30% off. USA orders use coupon code ADDSLEEVES, Canadian orders use coupon code CADADDSLEEVES at checkout. The cool weather is here. Instead of digging in your closet for some worn-out sweatshirt, get a new one that says what you’ve always wanted to say.

Get something from teeBarefoot today because in December, I’ll be running a contest. The winner will get a free standard weight tee of their choice, but you’ll need something from the shop & and a camera to enter. More details coming soon.

Notice that I wrote all that and not once did I play the “my sister survived breast cancer” pity card. DOAH!

Gravity isn't the only enemy  Save the ta-tas


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