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We’ve Got Low, Low Prices for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oh, hi. I vlog more than blog nowadays. So you may have miss the drama that transpired last week. To catch up, just bounce over to my YouTube channel.

Friday’s video is Meridia Off the Market. In it I try to offend as many people as possible. No, not really, but some sensitive six-year-old girl will probably get her Sponge Bob panties in a twist. Hey, I’m not here to bake cupcakes for you.

Link for the embed impaired.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and since I have a bunch of tee shirts about breast cancer awareness, it naturally follows that I take a moment and let you know what’s going on at teeBarefoot.

  1. Prices have been reduced on almost every item.
  2. Dozens of new long sleeve and hoodies have been added for Fall.
  3. There’s a 30%-off sale going on when you buy 3 or more long sleeves or hoodies (coupon code at the top of the store).
  4. Or you can get 10% off any $30+ order with the secret Facebook friends coupon code*.
  5. All the Breast Cancer Awareness items still send $3 each to FORCE.
  6. I don’t even make $3 off some of them, so it comes out of my own pocket. If you really want to hurt me, buy a BCA shirt.

That’s about all. Sorry for the commercial, but it’s a good cause.

*Friend me on Facebook to find the code.


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