Almost There, With Only A Ton of Work Left

The house hauler moved our mobile home today from “the farm” in south Alabama to Huntsville. They will anchor it tomorrow morning and install the plumbing. Then all that’s left is to for us to get the electricity hooked up and turned on; get some steps for the front door; get the air conditioner re-installed; get all the furniture my daughter doesn’t want/need moved out; get all my daughter’s furniture moved in; buy a vacuum cleaner… and víola, we’re all done.

I’m tired just typing about it. I’m quickly discovering nothing on a mobile home is standard. You can’t just buy a door knob at Lowe’s, which I did and now must return. The current locks are pretty tricky. Oh well, that just adds to the charm. Besides, I’m not going to be living in it. My daughter and son-in-law will be the proud residents.

But God favors children and fools. We found some concrete steps that will work perfectly if we can move them. Some guy around the corner had some 32″ concrete steps just sitting beside his RV. We asked if he’d sell them to us. He said they weren’t his. They were there when he moved in. We could have them. Anyone got a Bobcat I can borrow? They must weigh 250 kilos. I’m so bent from clearing off a spot for the steps, I think I’ll let the son-in-law figure out the logistics of moving the steps. He has friends…young friends.

I’m going to take a muscle relaxer and cool off. Jumping repeatedly in & out of doorway that is 32 inches off the ground makes mush of a already-bad back and weak knees. I think my further contribution will be to pay the hauler and maybe power wash the outside of the trailer.


2 thoughts on “Almost There, With Only A Ton of Work Left

  1. Boy, does this bring back memories, for the mobile home was my first foray into the wonderful world of home-ownership.

    Speaking of non-standard trailer accessories, I’ll never forget having to install a new tub (the original one, made of ABS plastic, eventually cracked and couldn’t be mended) and hot water heater. I got better parts from Lowe’s, but it did require some radical modifications to the trailer to make them fit.

    And of course I never forgot those wonderful concrete steps (nor did the three big, burly friends I had to bribe into helping me move them). Good luck, kids!

  2. Oh man – I live in a crappy trailer and nothing is normal. The studs are set farther apart so if you plan to hang anything, like say a towel bar, well that just won’t work (because those are made for standard house widths). So I make everything work as best I can. Good luck and glad to hear things are moving along!

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