Sometimes it’s all about the medium, or large, or XL

Yeah, I have ideas sometimes. They aren’t always great ideas, but what better way to express them than on a tee shirt?

That gave me the idea to open up teeBarefoot. Get it? theBarefoot – teeBarefoot. Oh shut up! You know that was clever. I’ve started stocking it with a few things that rolled out of my head. They’re mostly geekish, but aren’t we all geeks deep down inside?

Check it out. Then check back frequently. You never know what great lump of crap pithy pearl of wisdom you’ll find in the shop.

teeBarefoot. Ha! I kill me. How’s this for a tag line, “Random shirts I found on your mom’s bedroom floor?” Huh? Huh? The cleverness never ends at least I hope it doesn’t or this will be the shortest lived web site ever.


11 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s all about the medium, or large, or XL

      1. Oh my gosh! theBarefoot actually made a coding mistake. This is a monumental moment in history! I must record this in the books!

        By the way, I LOVE those shirts! I see more than one that I will have to get.

    1. I make coding mistakes all the time. It took me 20 minutes today to figure out I had a brace one line below where it should have been. Unfortunately, that brace closed a “for” loop and the result were a 25-line repetitive list when I only needed unique 5 lines. Yes, I make coding mistakes more than I care to admit.

      BTW: The shirt site takes all forms of payment including PayPal. *wink* *wink*

  1. I added a new category called “Charity & Causes.” The first additions benefit breast cancer. $3 of each purchase is donated to a breast cancer charity. My first candidate is FORCE which benefits BRCA research. It doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty funny, too. See them here.

  2. Those are good. I especially like the one on “politics”. I just might have to spend (like Lyn) a week’s salary to get that one. Then I could take a picture of it and put it up on Facebook where appropriate.

  3. I really like some of those. Is that supposed to be Braille on the breast cancer shirts? I may have to get the shirt with the electrical plug.

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