Let’s Talk About Racism

Literally. Let’s talk. This video is from my YouTube vlog. I don’t do a lot of fancy editing or fast talking. I try to do these in one take. 22 June’s topic is racism. You think I can tackle this without ruffling too many feathers?

Shot with my Canon FS300 that someone very thoughtfully gave me for Father’s Day.


One thought on “Let’s Talk About Racism

  1. What a thoughtful person to give you that Canon FS300 (; I am sorry about your drinking problem as well, although I’m glad it felt good. haha

    I’ll ruffle feathers probably but hey, I’ll ‘talk’ about racism. I agree about racism in the US. We are lazy. I watched an Irish film – I wish I remembered the name – that had a character talking about how the Irish were the blacks of England. It wasn’t about skin color, it was about origin and maybe culture? On the census it was hard to answer what race I was because there was no category for ‘pretty white, sometimes splotchy, and bright red when I forget to wear sunscreen or get upset.’ I had them write in American. Then I got all dorky and did fractions for my son’s race. (=

    Racism is just another form of discrimination based on something people have no control over. boo racism and stereotypes and judging people based on anything besides their character. Take note, I am not booing anyone who is judging me for not using spell check. (=

    Fun video! Well, as fun as racism can be. (=

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