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Yahoo Contributor Network – Publishing Options

Here are the various rights and payment options you may select when publishing with Yahoo Contributor Network (YCN). This at-a-glance matrix1 should quickly clarify any questions you may have about publishing times, rights, etc. If you are new to YCN, your first three articles will be reviewed no matter what options you select. The following applies to your forth article and beyond. Note: ALL YCN content that remains on the site is eligible for performance or “per click” payment regardless of rights or other payments you may receive.

Payment→ / Rights↓ Upfront (plus performance) Pay Performance Payments Only
  • Publishes after review4
  • All rights transfer to YCN
  • Distribution is automatic2
  • This combination is dumb
  • Always ask for upfront w/ Exclusives
  • All rights transfer to YCN
  • Distribution eligibility is automatic2
  • Publishes after review4
  • You retain rights including re-publishing
  • Distribution eligible2
  • Publishes w/o review
  • You retain all rights
  • Distribution eligible2
Display Only
  • Invalid combination
  • YCN does not pay upfront for previously published work
  • Publishes w/o review
  • You retain all rights
  • Distribution ineligible
  • Can edit anytime
  • Can delete anytime3

1This matrix does not apply to items submitted under the News template. All news is reviewed regardless of the options you choose.
2Distribution outside the YCN network is the sole discretion of YCN. You will receive a small payment if your work is selected for sale.
3You will lose any pending payments.
4Review times (other than news) vary, but should not exceed 2 weeks. News is usually reviewed within 24 hours.

Hopefully, this clarifies the publishing options. You may also review an expanded tutorial of this information in a companion video at YouTube.


9 thoughts on “Yahoo Contributor Network – Publishing Options

  1. Great information! Quick question for you… I know you say the review times can vary, but what’s the average review time for you? Also, will they email you once an item has been reviewed?

  2. Dear AC Guru, (and anyone else who would like to answer)
    My only question that no one has seemed to be able to answer is if I publish something DO through the news template, it gets reviewed and published, can I later go back and edit it so that it publishes again automatically or does it have to be reviewed again?

    I had a time sensitive article that was published and I wanted to update it but decided against that since I didn’t know if it would put it back in the queue.

    I posted this in the forum and no one seemed to know at the time.

    1. DO-News has to be reviewed, but you can edit it later as any DO article. If you have such an article, you can verify by selecting the edit function and making a minor change. Once you press “Save and Next”, you should see the change in the article. You do NOT have to go to the end of the line and press “Publish” again.

  3. Nowadays, you cannot publish even breaking news as DO unless you are a Featured Contributor. This is a killer for people like me who write articles on entertainment. I can’t wait a week cause the traffic will be gone by then.

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