A Special Kind of Crazy

I live my life honestly both on and off the internet. It not only makes life more simple, it’s the right thing to do. Because of this, I had forgotten something I learned long ago. That something? There is a special kind of crazy reserved just for the internet.

There are four different types of crazy on the internet:

  1. Trolls: They’re easy to spot. They’re easy to deal with, too: Ignore or destroy.
  2. Haters: Their foul language gives them away and necessitates their deletion.
  3. Drama Queens: They come in both genders and need to fabricate drama. They usually do the same in real life, too.
  4. Insane in the brain: Unfortunately, the truly mentally ill are on the internet, too.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish whether someone is 3 or 4. Often the really crazy people seem like ordinary drama queens until it’s too late. So why am I writing this? What jarred my memory and put me back on a cautious footing? A simple alert for my name.

The other day, I got an alert that my full name showed up on a blog I’d never heard of. I followed the link, read the post, and found some pretty nasty things. Obviously, the author of the blog knew of me, but I didn’t recognize their blog. I dropped a comment in along the lines of “Who are you and when did it piss in your Cheerios?” I should have researched the blog first.

In researching the blog and trying to figure out who the person was, I saw lots of comments on their recent posts were unmistakable from a well-know, combination #1/#4 from the AC forums. He was egging this person on. Like attracts like is so true on the internet. Crazy is like a magnet for other crazies. Just look at all the conspiracy sites out there.

It took me about 30 minutes of searching before I figured out who the blogger was. Turns out, the blog writer is an ex-Facebook friend, who unfriended me three months ago over an Associated Content article I wrote. I thought they were just a drama queen, but in hindsight, they’re a full-on #4.

Again, I’m poignantly reminded that not everyone on the internet is reasonable or even mentally stable. I’ll keep hoping for the best in everyone, but my guard will be up a little higher. Luckily, a great weekend intervened between last week’s manufactured internet drama and today’s perspective. In that weekend, I drove 640 round-trip miles and got to visit with my mom. That’s always a good thing that can blur even the craziest trolling hating drama queen.


8 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Crazy

  1. I admit I was lurking on the forum, I rarely post there because of all the mean spirited, caustic comments and bullies. I think I know who you are referring too but don’t know for sure. I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy there Iknow that!

    1. I hope I haven’t been one of the caustic commentators you speak of, Shana. There are only a couple of people I am outright confrontational with, but there is a long history behind that.

  2. I recently typed a nasty reply to another caustic poster. I deleted and walked away. It’s hard to tell the difference when I am reading what they are saying but I bet if I could hear them it would only take a nanosecond.

  3. You are usually just funny Randy, but there is some that are just mean and egging for a fight, superior in their own minds. ha!

  4. I tend to gravitate away from forums for this very reason. When I do occasionally venture in, it’s to get clarification on a guideline, and I always feel like I’m tip-toeing through a minefield of soap operas. I will participate on comment threads, just because I feel like they (usually) generate more productive dialog.

    First time visiting your blog. Kudos! I’ll be following.

    1. Welcome to my crazy corner of the net, Lauren. I was looking at your blog today, too & am following you on Twitter. My blog is excessively eclectic. I’m sure I’ll post something that interest you eventually. Speaking of forums, you were getting some nice comments about your guest-blogging effort in the Associated Content forum.

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