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No Rest for the Wicked and I’m as Wicked as They Come

On paper, it looks like I have a month to add two new features to a software application at work. In reality, I have four or five days. There is another project looming that will require my full attention starting Thursday or, if I’m lucky, after the Memorial Day break. No worries. I have a magic keyboard that always writes perfectly compiled software on the very first attempt. You believe that, right? Would you like to purchase this bridge?

That introduction is simply to let you know that work will not let me be away. The conundrum is, my wife wants to get away. She wants – brace yourself – to spend time with her mother-in-law. I know! Crazy, right? Who wants to spend time with their mother-in-law? In my wife’s case, she does have a spectacular mother-in-law. My mother happens to live six hours away in Arkansas.

Being the kind, loving, generous, kindhearted, unselfish, altruistic, thesaurus-owning, husband I am, I’ve agreed to drive the twelve hour round-trip just to drop her off. There were three conditions. One, I get to spend the night so I’m not too tired. Two, I get to spend a little time with my mom during the lay-over. Three, there are no guarantees I’ll be back to pick her up. OK, that last one I just made up…in my imagination…my fertile, fertile, imagination. Give me a moment to compose myself. I’m having a tearful moment with my imagination.

Ah, sorry, I’m better now. So, where was I? Oh, yes, my wife will get to spend three weeks with the best female role model over 70 in the world, soaking in family stories and sage wisdom, and I will get to spend the next three weeks as an over-worked bachelor with zero bachelor benefits.

I’m not making any promises, but I may have some surprises for her when she returns. If I work it into my busy schedule, of course, I’ll blog about it and make a video or two.

Speaking of videos, I didn’t have the time or constitution to vlog today. I’ll catch up when I return Sunday or Monday. Watch for them on my YouTube channel. I was inspired and able to write an little piece and publish it on Associated Content today. It’s entitled Meeting My Maker & Buying a Pasta Maker & Fire, Lots of Fire. It’s an imagined conversation with God, wherein the Almighty divulges the meaning of life to your humble servant. I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe and I will attempt the same.


2 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked and I’m as Wicked as They Come

  1. You are tooo funny, and your wife is a very lucky woman, to have a mother in law like she does and a lucky man you are to have a mother like you do, and okay so you don’t feel left out your wife is lucky to have you. I have a feeling you are lucky to have the wife youhave too, ha

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