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New YouTube Series: Behind the Writing

I put up the first three videos in a series I have planned called “Behind the Writing.” I discuss where the idea for a particular article came from and things I learned writing.

The first video was a companion piece to the article Five Movies You Can Quote in Everyday Situations which went up yesterday. It typifies the idea generation process.

The second video uses one of my better performers, 33 Annoying Expressions, as an example to lay out three important lessons every on-line writer should know.

The third video uses five articles I wrote in a “Top 10” format to explain three critical things you must do to create an easily digestible web article.

None of the videos are more than 3 minutes long, so take a few minutes and let me know if these are helpful. As always you can find the entire collection on my YouTube channel. Just look for videos with “Behind the Writing” at the front of the title. My vLogs all start with “vLog” so you can easily find what you need.

Thanks for reading, watching, and most of all, commenting.

EDIT: I’ve created a YouTube Playlist to hold the entire series.


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