The Nuclear Option Was Never an Option

Radio-right went nuclear this week talking about President Obama’s revamp of the U.S. nuclear retaliation policy. Their biggest beef is that the policy used to be vague. Supposedly, that gave every other nation and/or group on the planet pause to think about their actions. Yeah, huh…that gave them pause like the death penalty stops a murder. The death penalty has never stopped one murder from happening. In the heat of the moment, people don’t stop to think there might be consequences to their actions.

All Obama did was voice some common sense. No one, and I mean no one in their right mind, ever thought that a nuclear strike was the correct response to half the half-ass shit other nations and groups have pulled or ever will pull. All Obama did was say what a reasonable man is thinking. You don’t nuke somebody over some boarder dispute or shoe bomb or even destroying the World Trade Center. You just don’t and we (the U.S.) won’t.

Why? Because it’s a fucking thermo-nuclear bomb, you dumb shit. Have you ever seen what one of those things can really do? I’m not talking about the two that we actually used in WWII either. I’m talking about the modern ICBM. These are 20 to 40 kiloton, multiple, independently targeted warheads. They peel the paint of your walls, cook your insides toasty, then come back for the rest of the house and turn your Sarah-Palin-slogan-chanting ass into a shadow on the sidewalk. If you think those 1950’s Duck-and-Cover films are going to save you, you’re the dumbest stain on the concrete. These are fucking thermo-nuclear bombs!

I’m not sure I’ve made myself clear. A nuclear bomb completely destroys everything within 5 miles of ground-zero. Completely as in, it ain’t there no more. It’s like it was never there. Then everything else from 5 to 20 miles away from the detonation is cooked, twisted, burned, fried, molested, peeled, and generally fucked up. For everyone who gets to survive the blast, they enjoy the next couple of weeks slowly cooking to death. And you can’t go back to the area for 60 to 100 years.

Comparing thermo-nuclear war to two schoolyard bullies is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. Everyone who clapped when Sarah Palin said, “it’s like a child in a playground who says, ‘Punch me in the face, I’m not going to retaliate’,” you need a good dose of radioactive reality. The U.S. is not now and never was going to lob a nuclear bomb at anyone short of them lobbing one at us. Saying it doesn’t make us weak. It doesn’t change the global game of Who’s the Biggest Asshat? It only says, we’re reasonable, practical people.

Besides, we have some really terrifying, non-nuclear shit at our disposal. We also have the best trained military on the planet. We may not nuke your slimy ass, but we’ll sure as hell show up next week with a shipload of nasty-ass bombs and a bunch of kids who want your guts for garters. Your life will never be the same, no matter how short it is.

For anyone who even thought we would ever use a nuclear weapon in retaliation for anything short of one used on us, go and stick your head in a history book. Go watch a few minutes on YouTube to see what a real nuclear bomb does. Get your head out of Sarah Palin’s ass and think. If you still think using a nuclear weapon for anything short of Armageddon is okay, then I really, really really don’t want to know you.

All I can say is, “These are fucking thermo-nuclear bombs, you dumb shit.” If using one doesn’t scare the living shit out of you, you need your head examined with a power drill. I for one like the fact that the guy with the button has enough sense to realize that it isn’t a computer game where little lights give you the high score. I’m glad Obama realizes that these are fucking thermo-nuclear bombs that will kill you, kill your town, kill your city, kill every living thing.

And, no, I didn’t vote for Obama. And, no, I wouldn’t vote for Obama, but I wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin either.


3 thoughts on “The Nuclear Option Was Never an Option

  1. There are even worse consequences to nuclear war, that the younger generation has probably never been educated on as we were in the dark ages of the cold war. Nuclear winter, surviving the initial blast to starve (If you are protected from the radiation)to find you can’t leave your bunker in like… forever.

    Nagasaki(sp) and Hiroshima(sp) were very small bombs by todays standard… what they did was insignificant compared to what would happen today. Reading what happened to those citizens will give you a new perspective on ever allowing another atomic weapon off the leash.

  2. I agree with your commentary regarding nuclear bombs. What scares me is that the President seems to think expanding our nuclear power for energy base is a good thing. I do not agree. Energy alternatives abound and to me, make a lot more sense and scare me a hell of a lot less!

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