For Everyone Who Ever Knew a Dog

Canis fidelis

When my toes are not exposed
On my fingers you do linger
With your little lapping tongue.

When my door is not ajar
With your paw you make a scar
An echo of your tiny “Let me in.”

When my day is not the best
In my lap you ask to rest.
Tell me all is well my warm and furry friend.

If you could you’d crack a grin
Instead, your leg begins to bend
As you roll and ask to have your tummy rubbed.

And when the day turns into night,
You don’t bark nor do you bite.
You know exactly where to lie and be on guard.

You were my fine and faithful friend.
We were together in the end.
I hope the same is said of me when I am gone.



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  1. Oh my, that made me cry. I miss my Kira so very much. Did you lose one of your baby pups recently?

    • No. My two are well. I’ve lost a few, one in particular. A couple of my Facebook friends lost their pups recently and it just got me remembering.

      • Awesome tribute, Randy! I am glad both your critters are alright, but this can easily be applied to our cats, rats, snakes and such (and I wanna thank you for your kind words about the recent passing of my precious Chi-Chi…Even if those words were “Bummer, dude!”!)

  2. Thanks for this, Randy. Things are starting (trying) to get better. This will help remember the good times with Meucci.

  3. Loved this poem.

    To me, it’s almost like a nursery rhyme, except for the mournfulness.

  4. So you do have a heart after all. That’s a lovely poem and by the way, I could totally take that little Chihuahua.

  5. What an epithet for pets. It made me think of our smaller sheltie, Foxy.

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