Fully Expecting to Lose Fans Over This

It seems every time I post something on this blog, someone unsubscribes. That’s cool. Maybe I’m boring. Maybe they switched to Google Reader. But it’s starting to give me a complex. Speaking of unsubscribing …

I did something I promised I’d never do. I wrote an article about religion. I fully expected to lose subscribers over it. I knew my views about homosexuality & Christianity weren’t the most popular. I hoped that the writing, logic, and honesty would carry the message. As it turns out, everyone reads through their own experience-tainted glasses.

I caught all sorts of grief over the article. I got comments on both sides of the controversy. I enjoyed the conversation. One person (that I know of) even wrote a scathing rebuttal which accused me of prejudice against homosexuals (aka homophobia). I had some tell me what a dead-on, great article it was. Most of the latter group know me in real life so I give those comments a little extra weight than internet avatars. Either way, thanks for reading.

I was sure people would unsubscribe to my Associated Content account in droves. Before I wrote the Gay Clergy article, I had 647 subscribers. The final tally after was 653. Even the lady who wrote the rebuttal article unsubscribed and then re-subscribe. We exchange some mail where she admitted it was childish to unsubscribe because she respects the fact I can write well. That was nice to hear.

Now I’m vacillating. I enjoyed writing about religion. It got a lot of traffic and it spawned some good conversations. I just don’t know if I can mix it well with all my satire and comedy. Meh, you never know. Maybe I’ll try again. God loves laughter. Why else would he given us the platypus, the giraffe, and Brittney Spears? I guess I’ll proceed with caution for it is written, “But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to them that are weak.” (1Cr 8:9)

Here’s the whole thing if you want it: Should We Ordain Gay Clergy? Can a Christian of Any Stripe Be Gay?

Here’s something newer for a laugh: Republican Attacks on Intended Obama School Speech Backfire in a Flurry of Congressional Action. I’d love to know what you think in light of today’s indoctrination of our school children.


9 thoughts on “Fully Expecting to Lose Fans Over This

  1. That article was well written, thought-provoking, and theologically researched. There is no need for anyone to unsubscribe to you even if they have a different opinion.

    As for the Obama speech…My kids’ school decided to review Obama’s speech before allowing the teachers to decide if they were going to show it. But it is a Catholic school so they normally err on the conservative side. I did not read it or watch it and don’t care to.

  2. See? Every time I post to this blog, this happens. This is a real email from Feedblitz, my blogs subscription service:

    ***** has unsubscribed from “Finally I dance with confidence to songs”
    The reason is: 12: Other or will not disclose

    I got the pox.

  3. I enjoyed the article every bit as much as your funny articles. If you write about a serious topic and everyone agrees with you it would be shocking and also probably not a good article.

  4. I though it was handled very well and with great finesse, and wasn’t the least bit ‘homophobic’. Glad you and Jolie patched things up; it takes a might big person to admit when they acted childishly!

    Oh, and “Oh, Waaahhhhh!” to all the thin-skinned unsubscribers who can’t handle another man’s honest opinion. Ya know, I bet some of these folks are quite opinionated themselves; they don’t wanna hear yours, but you better jolly well listen to and respect theirs!

  5. Randy – I read and appreciated the article very much. I’m glad I got this blog notice because I meant to return to the AC article and reread it before I made a comment there.

    What I appreciated most about the article was the serious thought that you put into the topic. You didn’t tow the “party line” for either side of the issue. It is an issue that I have struggled through myself.

    People that I love and respect have very different views on homosexuality than my own, which are very much informed by my Bible-based religious beliefs. As much as my own beliefs are firm, I cannot abide the hateful, shrill diatribes that come from some of my brethren. We (Christians) are to be the face of Christ to unbelievers. The goal is to encourage them into an personal encounter with the living God. How can we hope to do that if we alienate the very people we should be reaching out to?

    I may not agree completely with all of your views, but I so respect that they are yours. No one else gets to bypass your brain and speak through your mouth (or your typing fingers).

    1. I’ve experienced the shrillness from both sides, Cordie. The person who wrote the “rebuttal” article did indeed try to bypass my brain and retype my words with her fingers. But here on the net, that’s to be expected. People with a one-note agenda, be they Bible-thumpers or GLBT members, really don’t try to read our words. They take every opportunity to press their own agenda on us. That’s what I was pointing at when I closed with “love seeks not her own.” BTW, did anyone read the takeaways in my article? AC makes them hard to find behind that tab, but no one comment on them and I thought for sure someone would have something to say about them.

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