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So Let It Be Written

Have I mentioned that I’m going to have something I’ve written printed? “Big deal,” you say? Well, it is for me. Here’s how it happened accidentally one Wednesday morning last Autumn while I was at the dry cleaner’s picking up some shirts…

The writer’s site Accentuate Services was holding a series of contests. They threw out a theme and people submitted short stories. The stories were sent out to 3rd-party judges. The winners were compiled for an anthology.

I never had time to finish any of my … let’s say brilliant since they were never finished and won’t be published … short stories for the contests. However, as filler between the four sections of the book, Accentuate held poetry contests, too.

You’re asking, “Can this idiot write poetry?” The answers is, “Apparently he can.” I find it an excruciating process though. Writing poetry, good or even decent poetry, is hard. Much harder than you’d think. For all my effort, I like to think that I won 2nd prize in a beauty contest like the Monopoly game community chest card because the prize was $10. Ten dollars and the pride of seeing something I’ve written in a lovely, hard-cover binding.

I’ve had things printed before, but those were usually because I was the only one dumb enough to volunteer for my high school newspaper and yearbook.

So the short story of these short stories is that you can pre-order the anthology, Elements of the Soul. If you order now, you can save the S&H&Tax ($13 US). I’ve read most of the winners as they were announced and can say without reservation, you will love it. Go on. What else were you going to do with that 13 dollars?

Order Elements of the Soul here and save the S&H&Tax fees. Ten percent of the profits are donated to literacy programs too. So you can have a heart while you enjoy a good read.

Oh, and enjoy my poem. It’s about lost childhood and innocence and trying to recapture the same. My mom even has it on her refrigerator so you know it’s good.


2 thoughts on “So Let It Be Written

  1. Excellent. I will indeed order, if anything, to quell my curiosity at what a Barefoot poem must be like (and thanks for the kudos; poets get very little respect, yet so many who diss them cannot even write poetry themselves!)

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