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Water. Cool Clear Water.

Summer is officially here. The temperature is pushing triple digits (Fahrenheit) and the talking heads on the news casts are doing their summer heat precautions shtick again. If my digital weather station is to be believed, the humidity inside my house is 71%.

But that’s OK. After living 28 in Alabama, you learn a few things about how to beat the heat. My grandparents live 80 years in L.A. (Lower Alabama) without air conditioning. They pickup and passed on a few tricks for survival, too.

Rule #1: Water. Drink it. Drink it all day. If you want to change it up, drink decaffeinated iced tea. Because…
Rule #2: Lay off the caffeine and alcohol. They are diuretic and sap the body of water.
Rule #3: Take breaks. Take it easy and rest in the shade often.

This third rule is why Yankees characterized Southerners as slow. We’re not slow. We just don’t move too quickly because of the heat. We’re smart that way. Life goes on. Chores still need doin’. We just know how to work with the heat and not against it.

Just to prove how important water is, here are some before and after pictures of my Angel Trumpets. In the before shot, you can see how the leaves are curling and drooping. The after pictures were taken only five minutes after a good soaking with water, just plain old water.

Plant one. Before.
Plant one. Before.

Plant one. After.
Plant one. After.

Plant two. Before.
Plant two. Before.

Plant two. After.
Plant two. After.

My advice for beating the summer heat is simple. Be a plant. Don’t move around to much. Let the breeze move you when possible. Drink plenty of water all day long. However you choose to beat the heat, stay hydrated.


4 thoughts on “Water. Cool Clear Water.

  1. Very good advice – the humidity where I live usually stands around 90 percent. It’s looking to be a very hot summer – think I’ll move very slowly myself.

  2. Very good advice – as a volunteer first responder I am constantly on alert for heat related emergencies watching over my coworkers as well as those we serve. A couple of tips: By the time you feel thirsty your cells have been screaming for water for about 20 minutes. Use the heat index not just the temp to estimate safe working conditions. Avoid working when the heat index is 150 or above. 70 degree day with 80% humidity = 160 heat index and could spell disaster.

  3. Yes, you’re so right, Randy: Drinking water in a hot climate is absolutely vital. And we know about humidity in NZ: In Summer it’s the same here.

    To keep my garden green I’ve installed a watering-system, that I turn on on the evenings for a couple of minutes. (Sounds expensive, but is actually cheap! Consists of black hose and upright sprinklers that you stick in)This means I don’t have to spend time watering the garden myself with garden hose and it preserves water).

    To keep cool yourself (If you don’t have air conditioning): Place a cold wet small towel in your neck, and feet in bucket filled with cold water.

    Good luck with staying cool!:)

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