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Following the Odd Little Happy

After yesterday’s post, I got several comments here and at the Facebook version which is autofed.  Over at Facebook, Cindy Gunnin commented using my new favorite phrase, “those odd little happys.” Then Michy asked for more pictures of my flowers. I decided that it’s not in me to deprive people of the small beauty I’ve tried to create. Therefore, today, I shall grant Ms. Michy’s wish and offer up a few out-of-focus shots of my flowers.  My digital camera really sucks for close ups so this is the best I could do.

I start out simply with the two-week-old Angel Trumpet my wife bought. This is her attempt to join in the grand experiment. The arrangement we apparently have is she will buy plants on-line or from QVC and I’ll do all the work potting and caring for them. I don’t remember signing up for that, but I’m sure she has some paperwork somewhere.

Angel Trumpet
Angel Trumpet
Feather and Verbena
Feather and Verbena
Leftover Feather and Verbena
Leftover Feather and Verbena
I emptied the window boxes. They were full of sundry perennials that I transplanted to the front yard. Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of that. My wife complained that she couldn’t enjoy the deck without “her” window boxes so I stuck some Feather and Verbena in them. I’ve discovered that Verbena is just about impossible to kill.
You may remember (Who am I kidding? You don’t remember. Here’s a link.) that I did a little concrete work to fix a downspout/drainage problem I had. I stuck a bunch of stuff there, but the Petunias really took off and took over. Sadly, the Dahlia were lost. Something about needing full-sun and the Petunias blocking the light.

Attack of the monster Petunias
Attack of the monster Petunias

Impatiens around a pine
Impatiens around a pine
Lastly, here are the Impatiens (pink) and Begonia (white) I planted in the front yard. I started with the Impatiens, but thought they had drown in the Spring monsoon we had. I went back and filled in the gaps with Begonia.
Unbeknownst to me, I have a green thumb and everything shot up together. The resulting bed under my Dogwood is pretty impressive, in my humble opinion. Here’s a couple of more angles. You decide.

More of the front bed
More of the front bed
Impatiens (pink) and Begonia (white)
Impatiens (pink) and Begonia (white)

Here’s a parting shot of the same bed. I hope even virtual flowers made you smile today. Today’s odd little happy for me, in addition to sharing my flowers, was seeing the first lightening bug of the Summer.


10 thoughts on “Following the Odd Little Happy

  1. I really enjoyed these pics, Randy. See? Gardening could well be your “Red ball”. There’s something deeply satisfying in creating, whether it be writing, painting,gardening,cooking or (even) fixing a drain.

    I’m glad you showed impatience; mine died last week because of a slight frost.And my $2.75 punnet of tomato plants have yielded a summer-crop I could have fed the whole street with! Their taste was truly delicious and well worth trying.(kilo’s and kilo’s of tomatoes for only $2.75!!!)(Was my first time to grow something like that so I’m really really proud of that).

    Keep us posted with your gardening.:)

  2. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing and brightening other people’s days as well. I think you’ve definitely found your “red ball” or “odd little happy.”

  3. I remember the concrete project. The beds are beautiful and yes, your thumb has turned green. I love petunias.

  4. You do have a green thumb, beautiful pictures. I think you could turn ‘odd little happy’ into a hit song!

  5. I wish you’d come over and help out our yard. I usually garden like crazy but it has been a crazy summer and my heart hasn’t been in it. I’m grateful for the plants that are evergreen (at least, for the summer). Hostas are a staple of our shade garden and lamium (also known by the yucky nickname, dead nettle) is one of the few perennials that blooms ALL summer and can even be a ground cover (if you don’t walk on it too much).

    Your plants are truly impressive. I think part of the fun of gardening is experimentation and seeing what happens. Sometimes I like the accidents (the odd little happies?) more than my planned arrangements.

  6. Love the pics – at least you’re not like most men “You mean that was a flower and I shouldn’t have mowed it over? Hmmm. . .”

    Anyway, keep posting flower pics – they are always odd little happys for me.

  7. Pretty flowers! I am jealous, things always die on me. I have a bad habit of over watering things in containers. Yours are pretty though!

  8. Love the petunias…their spicy smell is so wonderful at night.
    Tech skills and gardening, lol, if you can sky dive at 85 too like your probable hero Bush you may win the perfect hubby award.

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