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Before and After: The Addiciton Continues

The Lowe’s addiction is growing. I ruined a perfectly good massage with fix-it projects yesterday.

It started when my wife wanted a facial and hair cut. I knew I’d have time to kill so I scheduled a massage at the same time. I was done long before they even started talking about hair. I needed a hair cut too, but they couldn’t work me in. While she was getting the works, I had time to go down the road, get a cut, and pickup a few things a Lowe’s. Drain grate and elbow, check. One-hundred and sixty pounds of concrete mix, check. Soil tamper, check New light fixture for the dining room, check. New chair for the deck set, check.

After I pick up my gorgeously new bride, we still went for lunch at Terra Nova’s — great Italian food, by the way — and stopped at the grocery store for a prescription and a few items. By the time we returned home, the light was faded too much to tackle the light fixture replacement. The circuit it was on took out all the surrounding lights so I had to wait for a sunny day.

I figured there was just enough day left to do the drain replacement. I gathered the necessary tools and opened the garage. A roller fell off. I lost ten minutes of light fixing the door roller, but was undeterred. After just a little digging, the new grate was in place and tamped down solidly. Since I had all the digging tools at hand, I figured I could at least prepare the spot I wanted to concrete.

The digging went much more quickly than I planned and the next thing I knew I was mixing and pouring concrete. In case you’re wondering, two eighty-pound bags of concrete undo a $45 massage in about 10 minutes.

So it’s Easter and I barely rose from the bed. It took another trip to Lowe’s to get longer screws for the light fixture. The ones included were a 1/4″ too short. Here’s the before and after. Gone is the ugly, low hanging chandler. Now we have an out-of-the-way faux-Tiffany complete with CFL for power saving.

Before: the ugly chandelier
Before: the ugly chandelier
After: Cute Tiffany with CFL
After: Cute Tiffany with CFL

Some one stop me, but not before I finish the project the concrete started. I’ll be putting in a rain-barrel and planting some flowers in the un-concreted area. Yeah, yeah, I’ll take pictures.


5 thoughts on “Before and After: The Addiciton Continues

  1. I absolutely love that Art-Deco lamp. Whoever chose that has great taste!
    About the concreting: It can ruin your back so don’t get too carried away. ;)

  2. Sweet Tiffany-style lamp! And I understand the addiction to home improvement thoroughly (although I am a home Depot man myself!), except my problem is tight money versus an expensive habit!

    As my springtime HI agenda stands, I still have half a giant Black Maple to cut down (my rope saw finally broke from overuse), 1/4 of a redwood fence to stain, an entire chain-link to paint, and the exterior of the house to paint. My spine hates me, but my wife loves me (perhaps almost as much as my chiropractor does!)

    Keep up the good work, sir! And watch that back, K?

  3. That sounds like fun to me…seriously. I love home improvement projects. Although, Home Depot is my choice for addiction. I will do pretty much any home improvement project you can think of. I worked at Home Depot p/t for a year just to make up for the spending I was doing there…I ended up adding to it instead. LOL

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