Before Spring Takes a Break

I wanted to grab some pictures showing what I’ve been up to lately before Spring takes a break. The forecast is for a low of 32°F Monday night. It may burn all my flowers. I wanted to capture them before the freeze.

The dogwood just bloomed a couple of days ago. The beautiful, striking white blossoms are one of the things that sold this house.img_0246 We happened to be shopping for houses in April and this is what we saw. I’ve added everything but the azalea bushes to the base planting . I don’t think the tulips stand a chance tomorrow. img_0247

The azaleas in the back yard a bigger as you can see. img_0241 The window boxes on the deck railing are new this year. I made two of each. Luckily, they’re easy to bring in. img_0243 img_0244 Making window boxes is incredible easy. You just have to be careful to get the root ball covered. These have really taken off.

I took an old bench that the kids used to arrange their stuffed animals on when they were little and coated it in poly-urethane to give all the pots a base. The pots are a mix of perennials and begonias img_0230

Looking back, I’ve spent a lot of time sprucing up my deck. I replaced to light fixture. The new light immediately attracted my new best moth friend. I wish I had a better camera that took decent close ups, but this is the best I could do. This moth is about 8″ long, brilliant green and has periwinkle and magenta outlines along its wings. img_0240

Hopefully, the cold snap won’t be bad enough to undo all my work, but if it is, I can do it all over again and still enjoy it. Happy almost Spring.



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  1. You’ve got a beautiful property, sir! I feel your pain, though; even with Tennessee being a week or two behind ‘bama in coming into bloom, I am headed to Home Depot after I hit ‘enter’ to buy some plastic sheeting to protect my vegetation from the ungodly weather that’s been predicted. Good luck to everyone with any yard-pride at all tomorrow!

  2. Oh, Randy, these pictures are awesome! thank you for sharing! I can definitely see why the trees would sell you on the house.. it’s like spring snow, almost. Gorgeous!

  3. Great pics Randy! I love that idea of that children’s bench, painting it and putting flowering plants on it!

    The rest of the garden looks well-tended and very much loved too.:)

  4. Gorgeous flowers and love the moth. I have to admit spring isn’t that spectacular here in Florida.

  5. Tamara Waters April 6, 2009 — 10:49

    Great pics – the azalea is gorgeous. The moth looks like a Luna Moth – and they are beautiful – I love seeing them come around and hang out.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I tried to take some of mine, but they did not turn out as well as yours did. Think about putting a sheet over the azalea for tonight. I am going to cover a couple of mine. Lovely home you have. Congratulations!

  7. You continue to surprise me, Randy.

    I love seeing gardens in bloom. These are lovely photos.

  8. Those are beautiful photos Randy. I love Dogwoods. It looks like yours get taller than ours – probably because of our cold winters. I think that’s a Luna Moth in the last photo. I haven’t seen one for years and was afraid they were endangered. I’m glad to see one alive and healthy.

  9. So what happened?

  10. Everything seems to have survived. All the potted plants are back to their natural outdoor state.

  11. Lovely pictures! I wish I had my own yard so I could plant some purdy flowers!

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