Associated Content Tip of the Day: Web Writing Ground Rules

Here’s today’s web writing tip/article. Web Writing: The Ground Rules that Make a Good Web Article
This is what makes a good web article be it for AC, Mashable, or even C-Net magazine.

Web content has rules. Let’s get right to this. The primary rules of web writing are:

Titles must be search-engine friendly
A well-constructed article title in cyberspace means the difference between 10 people stumbling on it and 10,000 people actively finding it. Good titles include key words and key phrases. They have low competition, but still use common terms that the average information seeker would type into a search engine. Don’t use Oryctolagus cuniculus when you can use “rabbit.”

This and at least five more rules for web articles. These are the rules. There are no exceptions. Give it a read.



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  1. There are times when using “Oryctolagus cuniculus” would be best. Any time there are several species with the same common name, and if the species is important, use the common name followed by the scientific name the first time you mention the name. Like this: The rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is a garden pest.

  2. Thanks for the refresher. My day job is primarily about writing press release material and I need to shift gears for the hobby.

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