Associated Content Tip of the Day 26 Feb 2000: Promotion Techniques

Carol Bengle Gilbert dropped a great resource today with her Tutorial: Guide to the Basics of Content Promotion. Not only are the contents of the article spot on, the construction of the article is a template for effective web writing. You could read just the first paragraph and walk away with important knowledge.

Content promotion starts with the first strike of the computer key. Write content that facilitates promotion, and it will promote itself. The guide will show you how to make sure your content is doing its own self-promotion as well as introduce you to some helpful content promotion
tools to give your article a boost.

You’ll have to click the link to read the rest of all her great tips. My recommendation is read it, bookmark it, and read it about once a month. This is the kind of advice that never gets old.



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  1. This was nice of you to place on Twitter.

  2. Yep, a very nice job she did. Love the first paragraph.

  3. Carol Bengle Gilbert February 26, 2009 — 19:54

    Gee Thanks, Barefoot. I appreciate the appreciation, especially coming from someone as knowledgeable as you.

  4. It is definitely an article worth saving, definitely evergreen. Glad you highlighted it here and elsewhere :)

  5. Thank you for pointing this out!

  6. That was a real informative article. I bookmarked it in case I ever decide to write anything relevant!

  7. I’m glad she picked it the topic, I was too busy this week. Awesome job as usual.

  8. It is one heck of a good tutorial. I hope AC puts it on their front page. Work like that is why I read Carol.

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