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I thought it would be a quiet Tuesday night

That’s not a normal noise. That’s a loud, base thud. That sounds like it came from my front yard. Why howdy, Mr. Lincoln.

All that ran through my head as I put on my coat, opened my front door and discovered a new Lincoln and two stunned teens in my front yard. We don’t have any snow or ice so the kid had to be doing a wee bit more than 25 MPH to end up where he did.

He failed to negotiate the curve one house up. He came up the neighbors drive, skidded, spun about 160 degrees, whacked the pine tree, bounced back a little, and finished 180 degrees around. At first I’d thought he’d come from the other direction.

The pine he hit is about 3 feet in circumference and 60 feet tall. It wasn’t budging. The mark kind of looks like a heart. Maybe I style it up and make a nice Valentine’s Day surprise for my wife. Here’s the winner:

My pine tree.  The winner
My pine tree. The winner

And here’s the loser.

My pine can beat up your Lincoln
My pine can beat up your Lincoln

What looks like mud in the picture is actually pine bark and needles. Who said Tuesday were boring?


9 thoughts on “I thought it would be a quiet Tuesday night

  1. I had a 1964 Chevy Impala totaled in my driveway by a drunk driver once. Also I was fishing with my kids under a bridge that got hit by another drunk, who almost went off the side on top of us. Glad nobody was hurt in your incident.

  2. This is what terrifies me when I think of our youngest one driving. We’ve had a lot of teen drivers seriously injured in the tree and car confrontation (with the teens usually smashed on whatever -or close to it). A good friend’s brother died this way and it haunts me, still. Incredible photos, still give me the shivers. Sorry about the tree. Hope the teens are okay.

  3. The kids were fine, JC. Just shook up and moaning about how new the car was. At least the kid was sober. Oddly, I wasn’t that upset about it and missed a perfect opportunity to shout, “Get off my lawn.”

  4. Reminds me of the time some kids drove across my dad’s front lawn in the middle of the night. They shredded the lawn with their tires. It took a long time to grow back. My dad was absolutely anal about that lawn. He took the art of lawnmowing to a new and level. Needless to say he almost stroked out over that incident.

  5. LOL. Yep, where there are teen-agers there’s fun and entertainment. My son wrapped his supped-up car around a tree a while ago.Police was there in seconds. Also a TV-camera-crew, who taped everything, lol.
    Son wasn’t afraid of the Police; nor paying the fines involved. He was, however, deadly afraid of going on national TV.(Where all his mates could see him standing next to his wrecked car)

    It didn’t air, but he had a couple of very uncomfortable months.

    Then he bought another performance-car……L’histoire se repete.

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