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AC Back Peddles Like a One-legged Unicyclist

Yesterday, we were in a puzzlement trying to decipher Associated Contents criteria for their “Top 100 Producer’s of 2008” list. The numbers weren’t adding up with the information we had. Today we have more details. AC says the list is for producers who had the highest page-views for articles published during calendar 2008. Now we have a higher confidence that the list is correct and we can say, “Congratulations,” to the winners.

These new facts also validate yesterday’s theory #3. Those who had #3 in the office pool can collect their winnings under the broken street lamp, the one near the big bushes, in the parking lot after work.

So today’s Footie® award for “Plate spinning while riding a unicycle” goes to … Associated Content for their ability to explain their criteria after their awards were committed. Congratulations to AC on their Footie® and congratulations to the recipients of AC’s Top 100 award.

For those who did not make the cut, good luck on the next awards cycle:

Just Kidding
Just Kidding


One thought on “AC Back Peddles Like a One-legged Unicyclist

  1. I still disbelieve and think that their system is royally screwed up. Oh, I get it, let’s punish people who have been here for a long time and write evergreen content. Idiots!
    I would not be a contender under either system, but this is stupid and undermines the importance of the people who worke their tails off to get it. When the rules are not clearly defined, how can you play the game?

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